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Billy and Sebastien Gastaldi at his new studio in France
discussing analague vs. digital recording.

Bill's Projects:

Assembling resource guides to help music programs in schools produce, release and sell their recordings to their communities (Lunch Money Label Program). More information coming soon! Bill is also keeping busy by giving workshops and speaking with music business classes about different aspects of the independent music business. Past appearances have included La Metisse and EMB Sannois (Paris, FR), MMI (Madison, WI) and SAE INstitute (Chicago, Il).

Working on a cultural exchange with Producciones Colibri to bring Cuban Jazz to the U.S. and take U.S.-based Allison Miller's Boom Tick Boom to Havana in.

Coordinating with Japanese Jazz label Space Dog to bring two of their bands to the U.S.

Continuing to work with independent artists James And Black, Hymn For Her and The Mark Sexton Band to expand their European presence.

Helping establish Feathernote Music. A mobile recording studio that will travel to Native American reservations and work with the youth recording music and events, as well as teaching them them fundamentals of audio engineering. Feathernote Music will coordinate with the Lunch Money Label Program to establish ongoing programs for these groups.

Traveling to Europe in July to do special episodes of One Night Only that focus on great independent venues and conduct workshops in Milan, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris.

Working with independent French artists Maylin, Borrina And Longo, Cheyenne Doll on U.S. tour dates, booking and logistics.

Working with promotion company Take Warning Presents to establish a limited management group to help coordinate U.S. tours for culturally diverse foreign artists.

Helping Japanese indie label Third Stone From The Sun on promoting their artists and create an independent music conference outside of Tokyo.

Episode 1 (San Antonio) of Billy's new video series One Night Only, where he visits artists and venues in different cities.

Helping organizers at the University Of Wisconsin with a presentation, focusing on Jamaican immigration to England and the U.S., as well as other public appearances by veteran reggae musician Larry McDonald.

Traveled to Paris to do workshops on touring in the U.S. for members of EMB Sannois and Association La Métisse. Topics include booking strategies, publicity, logistics and what to expect on a first time venture.

Filmed, produced and edited “Music: A Gift For A Lifetime”
for the Aber Suzuki Program. By filming four of their students recitals and conducting an in depth interview with Director Pat D’Ercole, Billy was able to edit the footage and produce a thirty minute documentary that was aired through the month of
August on three central Wisconsin television stations. Done
with three mini DV handy cams and a ZOOM handheld video recorder, it was a true DIY production. In two parts, here is
the production:

Organized two European tours for Bruce James and Bella Black in 2012, while working with Afterbeat Entertainment (and subsidiary booking agency The Soul Delivery), helping to widen their territory to Holland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Spain.

Helped produce and release independent releases for artists including: Kevin Batchelor’s Grand Concourse, The Bashments, The Georgetown Orbits, 004, and Bruce James.

Billy Geoghegan

Doer, Music

Billy's mission is to assist independent artists, labels and promoters of the music industry, while encouraging fundamental music business education. Billy has been performing, recording, and booking music since 1984. His experience includes working on production and distribution for independent records, live shows of all sizes, as well as booking and managing several tours around U.S. and Europe

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