The Opportunity

In late 2013, the Federal Communications Commission opened an application window for thousands of low power FM radio frequencies (LPFM) across the United States and roughly 2,800 nonprofits applied. This window was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shift our media landscape on both a local and national level. With their minimal operating costs and neighborhood-oriented broadcast range, LPFMs can quickly become local multi-platform cultural hubs, provide hands-on media training, and help reinforce the fact that our airwaves are designed to serve the public good.

Check Radio Survivor's 'LPFM Watch' for current updates about LPFM here.

The Brown Paper Tickets "Make Radio Challenge"

For the past three years, Brown Paper Tickets has been spreading the word about the LPFM opportunity nationally and supporting organizations interested in applying for a frequency. In our hometown of Seattle, we're collaborating with public agencies and advocacy organizations to build a strong foundation for LPFM applicants.

For more information, contact Sabrina Roach, our Doer specializing in Public Media.

Why is a Ticketing and Event Registration Company Doing This?

We're a Not-Just-For-Profit company. We understand that media directly impacts the health of our communities. When people have access and training to make their own media, powerful things happen. It's similar to what we see when we give event producers technical assistance and tools. In our experience, we've found that there's never a lack of people trying to make a difference in their communities - it's the access to resources that determine just how far a vision can go. We see LPFM as an invaluable tool for neighborhoods to shape and amplify their own voices - thus impacting economic development, public safety, creative expression, and information sharing.

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