Promote your business, event or nonprofit to more people via our Ad Insert Program. Don't have a Brown Paper Tickets account? No problem. Return the filled out form via fax or email.

Download the Form

2. Print

You can use an existing print piece or design and produce a new one. Need to create an ad insert? Use our design tips and cheat sheet.

download ad insert tips view ad insert tips  Get Tips and Template

3. Ship

Send us your completed form with inserts for approval and distribution.

Ship to:
Brown Paper Tickets
Attn: Ad Insert
220 Nickerson St
Seattle, WA 98109

Know before you sign up

  • You are responsible for creating, printing and shipping your own ad inserts to the Brown Paper Tickets Seattle office.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to send any insert that is deemed inappropriate or unsuitable.
  • All work must be original and free of any intellectual property violations, copyright, trademarks, etc.


How much does the Ad Insert Program cost and how do I pay? Need to create one? Find tips and a template here.


1 - 500 inserts .25 per insert
501 - 1,000 inserts .23 per insert
1,001- 2,000 inserts .20 per insert
over 2,000 inserts .15 per insert

How can I target my ad insert?
You can opt to select audiences in 5 categories, including targeting a specific event. To target an event, it must be one that you manage.

Target Categories:

• Your Event • Country • State
• Cities • Zip Codes  

Need inspiration before creating an ad insert?
We do not offer design nor production support but we have come up with some ideas and tips to help you create a beautiful insert. We also have a template you can use to design your own and you can print on both sides of your piece. Click here to view the template and tips .

How long does it take for an insert to be approved?
It can take 1 to 3 days for your insert to be approved before it is distributed via Brown Paper Tickets event tickets.

What if there are inserts left over?
You can choose to have them shredded by us (for free) or returned to you (for cost of return shipping). We will notify you after the end date of your ad insert if there are any inserts left over.

Unsure if your insert is suitable?
Send a sample or copy of your insert to Brown Paper Tickets and we can suggest improvements that you can make.

Questions? Contact us
(800) 838-3006 x4 | ads@BrownPaperTickets.com

Terms & Conditions
By participating in this Ad Insert service, you agree that you own the intellectual property contained in the insert, or that you have the express authority to use it · You are responsible for ensuring that your insert is in compliance with the weight requirements and is within the required size dimensions · Brown Paper Tickets reserves the right to deny service for any reason · Brown Paper Tickets accepts no liability whatsoever for consequential damages or losses resulting in a delay of delivery of the inserts howsoever caused.