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Facebook 101: Creating Newsworthy Content


Today's social media use is staggering: 210,000 years of music played on Facebook, 163 billion tweets sent, 950,000 daily Google+ signups, and 575 Instagram likes per minute. As a band, team, or business, one might wonder how to keep up and where to centralize efforts. Our two cents: Despite being the oldest of the bunch, Facebook still stands strong with over 1 billion monthly active users. Here are 5 tips to make sure you and your events stay relevant in the social space.

1. Schedule out news
Usually, providing a lot of content online is a good idea. However, the opposite should be done on Facebook. An easy way to get ignored, even unliked, is to post too frequently. Limiting your posts to only your highest-quality content will make your current and potential fans more eager to engage. As a general rule, try limiting to 2-3 engaging posts a day at most.

2. Post about trending topics
One of Facebook's many hidden features is Aggregated Topics. This service groups mentions of similar interests. For example, if several individuals are talking about the movie premiere of The Hobbit, each person's post is grouped as a sub-post. When mentioning a trending topic, you increase the likelihood of appearing in user timelines and having your content shared among their friends. Holidays are a great time to do this.

3. Drive in manual
Managing your Facebook page can be tough when you're busy booking a tour, rehearsing a burlesque show or scheduling a workshop, but taking a minute to post something engaging to connect with your followers is worth it. Studies have shown that content shared from third-party apps is more likely to be ignored. Plan your posts ahead of time offline in a spreedsheet or Word document, then logon and submit your daily post in real time.

Note: Facebook's algorithms show preference to manual posts when deciding what should show up on users' newsfeeds. Make your outreach efforts count.

4. Engage with variety
When deciding what to share, remember to vary in topic and type. Mix in a behind-the-scenes sneak peek video of setting up an event, or throw in a link to an interesting article related to your industry. The less stagnant your content is, the more likely it will be shared and commented on!

Tip: Posts that include videos, pictures, and polls receive the highest engagement rates.

5.Post what you would share
This tip seems relatively simple, but it should drive your content strategy. Put yourself in your customers shoes and write in creative ways they would likely share with their friends. This is true for content and voice. With each post, ask yourself: Is this post heavily promotion or marketing based? If the answer is yes, try again.

Bad example: Buy tickets to our EDM Dance. The best fun you'll ever have at the best event you'll ever attend for $50.
Good Example: The ____ (venue) for the EDM Brooklyn Extravaganza is rumored to be haunted! Here's to a night of crazy fun. (post link)

Bonus: Be Prepared for Drastic Changes
While the tips above may assist your social strategy, note that Social Media changes every day and Facebook is no stranger to implementing extreme user interface modifications. Follow tech blogs to learn about the updates and possibly advantageous features to help your page stand out, and keep your strategy versatile so you can roll with the punches.

Facebook's new Graph Search is just one of the many new tools they are rolling out. The new social searching function provides more opportunities for exposure of your page and your events by drawing on your current and past page content, as well as product and location information. Big brands and little brands have equal opportunity for discovery by simply being active on their pages.

Looking for more help integrating these tips into your social strategy? Give our Event Promotions team a shout at (800) 838-3006 (Option 5) or email us at

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Brown Paper Tickets at SXSW

Next week is SXSW and we've got lots of cool things planned including a Party Bus, an LPFM launch and some awesome giveaways. This year, you'll find us stationed at booth #107 and #109 from March 10th - 13th. A team of Brown Paper Tickets reps will be on hand to answer any questions you might have plus we'll have give away gift baskets with goodies from some of our event producers. Below is a brief list of things we have going on in Austin:

Looking for more info on our whereabouts during SXSW? Follow us here!

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Join us for the launch of our national campaign in support of Low Power FM Radio (LPFM)

Gibson Guitar Showroom | March 12th | Austin, TX

Thousands of new neighborhood radio stations will become available in urban and rural areas throughout the United States. The broadcast reach of these radio frequencies will be 2.5 - 3 miles in most cities and 7 -10 miles in suburban and rural areas. This opportunity to apply for a Low Power FM license is only available to nonprofits, community groups, educational institutions, Native American Tribal Government, and government and public safety organizations. This is a one-time chance to get more non-commercial voices and music on radio stations that truly serve our local communities. It is not likely that we will get this chance again, especially in cities.

We are helping to get the word out about the application deadline: October 15, 2013. Through our Doer Program, we are supporting applicants with assistance in building their business model, figuring out how to pay for the start-up costs, and making their new radio station sustainable.

In Seattle, we're already supporting several organizations in applying and we've identified $9 million in public agency funding for the 8 frequencies that are available. We're creating a model that can be replicated nationally!

We'll be launching our national campaign in support of LPFM at South By Southwest in Austin on March 12th at the Gibson Guitar Showroom (3601 S. Congress Ave, Austin, 78704). If you're in town, come find out more while enjoying Bloody Marys and breakfast tacos on us. Big thanks to our presenting sponsors, Gibson Guitar, for donating their Austin showroom, as well as Tito's Handmade Vodka, and the WhiteCrowe Project.

For more information on LPFM and how you can get involved, go to:

See you in Austin!

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Pro Tip: Reports Series - Event Reports
For intermediate and advanced producers

One of the many useful tools that Brown Paper Tickets offers is a reports generator. This tool allows you to track your sales in detail and helps to better plan your marketing campaign. In the coming weeks, we will be discussing the many types of reports offered and their particular functions. This week, we will discuss Event Reports.

The Event Report feature can be found under your Reports tab in the gray area. In the Reports Menu on the left, select Event Reports.

Event Reports allow you to see all of your current events that are on sale. The top box below the Event Reports Filter is "Events." Here you can choose to generate a report that will show results for either a single event or multiple events.

  • The next title below is Event Reports. This is where the information from your event or combined events will display.
  • The first section, Sales by Price, allows you to see the number of the different sales of ticket prices. For example, if you had multiple tiers you would be able to see how many tickets were sold at the top price down to the lowest price.
  • In the next section, Sales by Date, you can view the sales for an event that has multiple dates. For example, if you were doing a two day event you would be able to see how much you are selling per individual date and populate combined totals.
  • In the Sales by Delivery Method section, you can see what option people chose to have their tickets delivered (Physical, Will Call, Print-at-Home, Mobile or Open Ticket Network).
  • In Sales by Type, you can see the number of the different sales of ticket types. For example, how many Adult, Children, Senior, VIP tickets were sold and how much they each made individually and combined.
  • In the Sales by Seller section, you can view who sold tickets for your event. Most of the time you are going to see Brown Paper Tickets and your log in if you record transactions. You will also see anyone else with a BPT log in who sold tickets for your event.
  • Finally, the Sales by Payment Account section shows how people are paying for their tickets depending on how you have set up payments. For example, it may show Brown Paper Tickets processor, Paypal, Custom Merchant Account ( or Cash if it was sold through an Open Ticket Network.

If you need any help or have any questions regarding this information, please give us a call at (800) 838-3006 (Option 4) to speak with our Client Services department

In the next installment, we will review the reports section for your Attendee List.

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