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Five Ways to Build a Solid Media List


Establishing positive relationships with the press can be a daunting task. Fear not! In the digital age, connecting with quality journalists is much easier than you might think. A fundamental part of any media relations effort is maintaining a healthy media list. Follow our tips for building a great media list and start generating positive PR for your events.

1. Identify Target Media Outlets
Create a wish list group of media outlets. Jot down all of the radio and television shows, newspapers, blogs, and magazines that you'd love see your event publicized on. Pay attention to the segments and publications that align with your event goals, themes and industry. If they are vested in the same cause, they'll be more likely to want to learn more about your event as well as more eager to hear from you.

2. Find Key Writers and Editors
Once you've compiled an ideal list of the media outlets, read and watch them, looking for the specific reporters who may have an interest in your story. Find and compile their names, email addresses and phone numbers. Look for individuals with a history of writing on topics related to the theme of your event, gatekeepers for stories related to your event, or people responsible for assigning stories at the media outlet. This step takes the most time, but is actually just as important as identifying the target media outlets.

3. Tailor your email pitch
Customize the emails you send to each journalist with respect to their individual interest and beat. A higher percentage of your media contacts will pay attention to it, write about it and welcome your next email. If you create a large press list, make sure that the angle of the press release matches the media outlet or interest of the reporter you are sending it to.

4. Capitalize on Social Media
If you're not in the financial position to purchase a media list of emails from vendors like Vocus or Cision, look to Social Media to start the conversation. Twitter has become an extremely powerful pitching tool today. Find journalists and bloggers that you'd like to follow and segment them into appropriately labeled lists. You can build lists specific to industry or media type for free!

Note: For tips on how to set up your tailored Twitter Lists, click here.
When you find a publication, journalist, or blogger online, take a look at their Pinterest pinboards to see what informs their media content. Track down each reporter's social media presence and look for opportunites to involve yourself in the conversation.

5. Utilize free PR resources
PR services can be expensive. However, free resources such as HARO are available online for identifying journalists who are already writing stories related to the topic of your event. They may also be able to use you as someone to quote for a story they are already working on.

These are just the basics. For a step-by-step guide on how to put your media list together, read through our resource guide here. Even better, we also offer curated media lists for our event producers free of charge. To inquire about this service or if you'd like more information on media list building contact our Event Promotions team at or call (800) 838-3006 (Option 5).

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Pro Tip: Importing Event Attendees into MailChimp
For beginner, intermediate and advanced producers

Managing your own email marketing campaign can be a lot of work. We feel your pain. That's why with our MailChimp integration, we made sure you could easily upload your ticket buyer information to your current campaign. Follow the basic steps below to get started.

  • Log in to your MailChimp account and create a list for your event.
    • For a step-by-step explanation on how to create lists read through this MailChimp guide.
  • After you've created your new list, log in to your Brown Paper Tickets producer account.
  • Click on “Manage Your Events” on the left hand column.
  • Find the event that you are hoping to pull attendee information from and select “Go” next to the Event Name.
  • In the tool bar at the top of the page select “Promote.”
  • Click on the MailChimp logo under “New Media.”
  • You'll be asked to log in to the MailChimp with your account information again.
  • On the Create a MailChimp Campaign Page click on “Upload Attendee Info” at the top of the page under “Create Your Event.”
  • Select the new email list that you just created in MailChimp from the dropdown menu and click on the “Upload Attendee Details” button. You should see a green confirmation that says “This list has been uploaded.”
  • At the top of the page select the blue text that says “Create Campaign" and continue the normal process for creating an email campaign.

For details on how to continue completing your campaign or if you'd like more information on how to use MailChimp with your Brown Paper Tickets Account, read through our resource guide here. Do you have additional questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out to our Client Services department 24/7 at or (800) 838-3006 (Option 4).

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