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Roller Derby Love

Brown Paper Tickets takes roller derby seriously. As a heart attack—or bear hug. Our staff skates, coaches, teaches, announces and cheers from the sidelines. We sell tickets to more derby bouts than any other event company in the world and assist all angles of derby. Find roller derby bouts in your hood, city, region, country.

Grow Derby Fans

Attract new fans and grow your revenue stream by ticketing events aside from classic bouts. Check out event ideas that build team and league community.

  • Fundraisers

  • Blood drives

  • Training camps

  • Season passes

  • Banquets

  • Party buses

  • Tournaments


Go Beyond Bouts

Want to plan events for areas in your life other than derby? Ticket any of these events via your day job or when derby season ends. Endless ideas.

  • Sports games

  • Music shows

  • Art openings

  • Beer and wine tastings

  • Festivals

  • Classes

  • Holiday parties

  • Event ideas galore


Roller Resources

Love derby? So do we. Curious about joining the derby culture or sport (as spectator or player)?


BRANDY— in action-2

What's Derby Love?


"Roller derby saved my life. Flat out."

— Donna "Hot Flash" Kay


"When I put make-up on I am transformed. I am a fierce competitor."

— Rettig to Rumble


“Playing roller derby is crazy fun.”

— Sunny Wytha Chansapain


"When you play roller derby... you're part of a family."

— Uno Socko, junior derby player