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Tuesday Tease: Seattle’s Queen of Gorelesque!

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Lat Petite MortThe First time I met La Petite More was backstage at a Chance Fashion show. She strutted down the catwalk in a Samurai-inspired Steampunk outfit, dragging a 3 foot pipe wrench with her and sporting a very large fauxhawk.

Backstage she showed off a pair of high heeled zombie shoes and large amount of gravitas. The reaction from the designers and photographers there was a unanimous “I want to work with her!” That was in 2009, since then I have had the opportunity to work with and for La Petite Mort on many shows and I can confidently say that everything she does is a monument to style, talent, art and a large amount of fake blood.

I recently had a chance to sit down with La Petite to find out what makes her work stand out.

What makes your shows unique?

I book performers and bands that I enjoy and adore on a personal level. I think that translates into the show. I also make sure my audience is stimulated I as many ways as possible. I always have treats whether it’s absinthe cupcakes, or chocolate moustaches. I also incorporate a band at the beginning of the show. I’ve had some amazing bands like The Bad Things and Bat Country. The Peculiar Pretzelmen from L.A. will be playing my next show, La Petite Mort’s Dark Cabaret for the Dead. They are one of my most favorite bands… It’s a real experience. Something new for this upcoming show is a VIP section. It will have handmade goody bags with free Mp3 downloads of Pretzelmen songs, cupcakes, a promo code for future shows and some other swag.

A  lot of your shows and acts are centred around the dark and macabre. What about that inspires you?

I’ve been a fan of horror movies ever since I was a pretty young kid. Death and the human body is fascinating. For whatever reason it inspires me and keeps the creative energy flowing.

If I try to be inspired it will never happen. I just let it come to me. I do love theme shows because it helps bend my brain to come up with something I probably would have never thought of. My “Cabin in the Woods” act for Whedonesque is a great example. It might actually be my favorite act right now.

What made you want to start producing shows rather than just performing?

I noticed a lack of dark, well-produced shows except around Halloween. My shows are pretty sideshow and music heavy, peppered with burlesque. Variety is really important to me because it makes a show well rounded. I essentially put on a show that I would want to go to. I figured there must be an audience for it if I keep getting booked.

What shows to you have coming up in the near future?

November 3rd is my Dark Cabaret at the Rendezvous. I’ll also be performing at Cabaret Macabre on Halloween, and I’ll be in New Orleans at the Allways Theatre on October 26th & 27th for Freaksheaux to Geaux‘s Circus of the Double Damned. I recommend checking my website for specifics. I keep a detailed list of my upcoming performances as well as info on how to follow me on Twitter and Facebook.



Thanks to La Petite Mort for the interview and be sure to click on the links below for more information on the upcoming shows featuring Miss Mort.

Friday, October 26 I Circus of the Double DamnedNew Orleans, Louisiana

Saturday, October 27 I Circus of the Double Damned, Part 2New Orleans, Louisiana

HALLOWEEN! Wednesday, October 31 I The 9th Annual Cabaret MacabreSeattle, Washington

Saturday, November 3 I La Petite Mort’s Dark Cabaret for the DeadSeattle, Washington