Burlesque Love

This is not our first fan dance—big stage or intimate venue, Brown Paper Tickets is cheering, promoting, giving advice and resources for burly. We love it all. Cheeky performances. Sultry series and festivals. Confidence-boosting classes. Desire a peek? Find burlesque events near you.

Attract New Admirers

Burlesque magic isn't limited to the stage. Grow your audience in creative ways. Saucy affairs or practical events.

Go Beyond Burlesque

Painter? Poet? Punk rocker? Player of derby? Reveal your alter ego with events outside burlesque. Endless ideas.

  • Art openings
  • Comedy nights
  • Music shows
  • Beer or wine tastings
  • Holiday gatherings
  • Sports games
  • Events Galore

Burlesque Resources

Burlesque obsessed? So are we.


Enter the Woo

“My passion is teaching people... who never imagined they could do something like this.” Miss Indigo Blue, Academy of Burlesque Headmistress
“I hope there is something like burlesque that inspires every single person.” Persephone Illyri
“Sexiest part: stage presence, intensity and confidence.” Seraphina Fiero