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10 ways to get more cash out of your fundraising events

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For all the time and effort poured into your fundraising events, you’d like to raise the most cash possible. Transforming a meh fundraising event into a cash cow can be simple. Really. Here are ten of the best ideas we’ve seen for getting more out of your fundraising events.

Ten ways to get more out of your fundraising event:

Set a goal. Having something to shoot for will help you raise more, even if you keep it private.

Collect extra funds with ticket purchases. Bundle tickets with donations at different price levels. Offer VIP or priority seating at a higher price.

Communicate measurable outcomes. For example: “A gift of $500 provides drinking water for 50 families for a year”

Collect the email addresses of all RSVPs. Email attendees after the event with your thanks, as well as a link to donate or become a higher level supporter.

Hire a photographer (or get a volunteer) to take portraits of attendees at the event and give printed copies in exchange for a small donation. Polaroids work well here.

Have volunteers walk around your event selling raffle tickets for donated items.

Small businesses find in-kind donations easier than cash. Ask for donations for the food, supplies and services needed to pull off your event.

Project the names of people who donate more than a desired amount on a wall at your event to recognize their gift.

Don’t forget your volunteers! Email pre-written posts about the event that your volunteers can copy and paste on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Include a link to a donation page.

Humanize the cause. If appropriate and possible, include those that directly benefit from your fundraising efforts at your event as special guests.

Planning a fundraising event? You’re in good company. We spoke with comedienne Kristine Levine, of Portlandia fame, backstage at her comedy show at SXSW. She shared with us how she puts on charity events to benefit comedians with cancer. Kristine uses Brown Paper Tickets to ticket her charity events and track the money and thinks you should too! Watch Kristine explain how she puts on charity events:

Want more ideas on how to get the most out your specific fundraising event? Call our Event Promotions department at (800) 383-3006 (Option 5) or email your questions to Our Event Promotions team has years of experience helping event organizers pull off successful events. Completely free to you, we’re here to talk through your specific event challenges and come up with wickedly-good plans. We love to help! Give us a call today.

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