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3 best event branding tips

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Making your event stand out above the hundreds of events happening on any given night is one of the biggest challenges you may face as an event producer. Securing top-notch talent and a solid promotional plan are key, but sometimes that isn’t enough.

We’ve noticed that our more successful event producers present a solid brand image that is consistent with all the events that they produce. As an event producer, your event’s brand is largely defined by visual representation. Branding can start with something as simple as a consistent color scheme or font, or it can be something more elaborate, like a particular style of artwork or a custom-designed logo. Whatever you choose, your imagery should be unique to you so that once people are familiar with your events, they can instantly recognize them the second they see your poster hanging in a shop window or see your ad in the local paper.

Three pointers for successful branding:

  • Target your audience: Know your audience and what kind of imagery attracts them. If your brand is focused and specifically targeted to your desired demographic, you will draw in the people most likely to buy tickets to your performances. If your branding is well thought-out and researched, attendees will already have an inkling of what’s in store when they pay admission at the door.
  • Find an artist: Lack of artistic ability can be a hurdle. How are you supposed to develop an attractive brand when you can barely draw a stick figure? Obviously, not everyone is an artist, but most people know someone who is. Collaborate with an artist whose work you connect with and develop what it is you’re trying to convey with your brand. An artist can help you develop your brand based on their artistic knowledge. Often times, artists will work for free or cheap in order to strengthen their portfolio. However, if their work is good, never hesitate to spend the money. In the end, you’ll be glad you did.
  • Use your brand for future events: Once you have developed your brand, you can use it for future events. This allows you to focus your promotion plan, making it more effective. If the folks dug your last event, they’ll probably be interested in future events and will tell their friends!

Your events are special so don’t sell them short with bland, generic or inconsistent imagery. Even if developing a brand costs you a little money, it will be money well spent.

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