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A New Way to Say “Thank You” to Veterans Today!

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Brown Paper Tickets is proud to announce a partnership with Veteran Tickets Foundation, (also known as “Vet Tix”) to provide a new, easy way for producers and their ticket-buyers to donate tickets to U.S. veterans. This partnership is expected to double the number of tickets being donated to active military, veterans and their families in its first year. It will also enable Vet Tix to begin donations of tickets to U.S. military personnel stationed around the globe.

“The number of tickets donated will easily be as high as 500,000 per year,” said William S. Jordan, Founder and President of Brown Paper Tickets. “Many artists, bands, sports teams, venues and anyone who organizes an event are attracted to Brown Paper Tickets because of our business ethos of giving back; we make a donation to charity with every ticket sold. The same motivations that bring millions to our site may inspire them to join us in saying ‘thank you’ to those who have served our country in the U.S. military.”

“Veteran Tickets Foundation is delighted that Brown Paper Tickets has offered to partner with us by creating a portal for event producers and ticket buyers to make donations to our foundation,” said CEO and Founder of Vet Tix Michael Focareto. ” We’d like to thank Brown Paper Tickets for believing in our mission of giving something to those who have given so much.”

Focareto attended the Super Bowl in 2008, and noticed that the seat next to him was left empty throughout the entire event. He wondered why the seat could not have been given to one of the military members who presented on the field before the game started. He vowed to find a way for those opportunities not to go to waste, and Vet Tix was born.

Vet Tix will celebrate the fourth anniversary of its first event for veterans today, July 4. Since 2008, Vet Tix has given 405,263 event tickets in all 50 States and Washington, DC to U.S. military, veterans and their families, with an estimated face value of more than $10 million. The partnership with Brown Paper Tickets has the potential to more than double that number of donations in just one year.

Those who receive tickets must be active duty U.S. military, a veteran, a spouse or a primary next of kin of someone who was killed in action, to qualify for Vet Tix. Those who qualify are encouraged to sign up for Vet Tix here.

Brown Paper Tickets will have the Vet Tix donation option available as part of its event creation tools on August 4, 2012. At that time, anyone ticketing events through Brown Paper Tickets may choose to donate a portion of their tickets to Vet Tix to give to U.S. military, wherever they may be stationed. They will also be able to allow their ticket-buyers to purchase extra tickets to be donated to veterans.

“Many of our event producers have military service in their background; especially in roller derby,” Jordan said.  “We are proud to join Vet Tix in helping Americans to say thank you to those who have served our country, and to help them to find ticket donors across all different types of sports and events that expand their efforts domestically and to U.S. military stationed at bases across the globe.”