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Bill’s Show of the Week: Jason Charles Miller, Scattered Hamlet and Bradley Fish in Madison

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Wednesday night at The Frequency in Madison, Wisconsin, three great acts Jason Charles Miller, Scattered Hamlet and Madison’s own Bradley Fish are coming together to put on a good ol’ fashioned rock show. I highly recommend that all fans of true down-home rock n’ roll check out this incredible triple bill. Advanced tickets are available here.


Here’s a little more about the artists:

After more than a decade as frontman of the internationally acclaimed rock band Godhead, Jason Charles Miller is rediscovering his past as he moves boldly into his future as a solo artist, exploring his roots, stripping his music to its core, and paying homage to the artists that touch his life and the art that shapes his soul. Splitting time between Los Angeles and Nashville, his love for country and blues has intensified, as has the influence of those that have defined his music roots: Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Kris Kristofferson, Merle Haggard, Fleetwood Mac and Bad Company.

Scattered Hamlet was created to capture the essence of growing up in the country while giving a nod to the original classic rock and outlaw country pioneers. One part Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet combined with modern rock elements from Down to Buckcherry, Scattered Hamlet has been described as having a little something for all true hard rock fans. The band that currently calls Southern California their home away from home, has its humble origins in various small rural towns around the U.S. and Canada. They make no apologies for their equal love of Harley Davidsons, honky tonks, Les Pauls, Marshalls, shotguns and all three generations of Hank Williams.

Bradley Fish  is a freelance musician who just spent six years producing and teaching music in Israel, followed by six months of blending his mastery of many real instruments with DJ-like effects, while touring around the USA in a large purple van. Bradley’s show is a complete mix of analog and digital as he uses the laptop to control the layers of his improvisational playing on the many different instruments in his possession. Guitar and dulcimer remain his favorites while he incorporates bass, drum loops and “other” sounds into his repertoire.