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BPT’s Favorite Venues: The Can Can

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In the heart of the Pike Place Market, here in Seattle, we’re lucky enough to have a little gem of a nightclub called the The Can Can a subterranean cabaret that’s become one of the most popular night-life destinations in town.

The Can Can’s aesthetic is steeped in Moulin Rouge-era Paris but maintains a modern edge. Descending into the basement night-club visitors anticipate a show heavy on nostalgic naughtiness. However, The Castaways, the Can Can’s in-house dance troupe, are not retro bump and grinders. These guys and gals perform burlesque with a edgy, surreal twist. My band has performed with them quite often and they constantly blow me away with their aggressive, high-energy, ultra-sexy dance moves. Always heavy on quirk and humor, they manage to trick audiences into watching modern dance by disguising it as a burlesque show.

As Brendan Kiley from The Stranger says: “You won’t find any desultory shimmying in the subterranean, candlelit Can Can: These dancers are strong, limber, and explosive. They swing from chains, slam each other against walls, and generally steam up the almost-too-intimate stage.”

Watching the Castaways whip around the stage, their feet barely missing your face as they swing and sway, creates an electric energy that you’re not going to find at your average burlesque performance.

Over the years, Brown Paper Tickets has developed a great working relationship with the Can Can. “Since we started dating Brown Paper Tickets exclusively our relationship has blossomed.” says owner Chris Snell. “We sell more tickets. We are able to keep track of our guests and BPT always gives us the love, attention and support we need 24 hours a day!! The bottom line is Brown Paper Tickets allows us to focus on our business not the endless logistics of reservations/tickets.We consider Brown Paper Tickets an asset and partner in growing our business.”

The club hosts a myriad of musical events as well. Country artist Vince Mira got his start when Snell saw him performing on the sidewalks of the Market and offered him a Tuesday night residency. Pearl Jam‘s Stone Gossard has hosted a variety of events and on any given weeknight you can catch anything from gypsy punk bands, to local singer-songwriters, to indie rock shoe-gazers on the tiny stage. The kitchen cranks out delicious Italian-inspired cuisine and skilled bartenders create tasty cocktails with their massive collection of fine liquors. Put that all together and you got a damn fine night out!

Come on down to the Can Can. Feel like you’re transported to the Left Bank circa 1920. Watch a sugar cube dissolve through the slotted spoon into your glass of locally produced absinthe and get lost in a world of well-dressed socialites, accordions, and old-fashioned cocktails. For one night, you can leave the drab day-to-day behind and descend into a dark, sexy world of titillation and debauchery.