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Columbus Food Adventures’ Taco Truck Tour!

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Who doesn’t love a taco truck? You can get a great meal for under $5, you get to eat outside and, often times, you’re going to find food that’s more authentic than what you find in most brick and mortar Mexican restaurants. Los Angeles has long been the mecca for excellent mobile Mexican food, but due to a growing interest in food trucks, food carts and street food, you can now find taco trucks in pretty much every urban center in North America.

Starting on July 1st in Columbus, Ohio, Columbus Food Adventures is offering a Taco Truck Tour that takes you to the best taco trucks on Columbus’ west side. Each stop will include a tasting and will focus on each individual truck’s culinary specialties and the diversity of regional cuisine that one can find at these trucks. We’re talking tacos, burritos, fresh tamales, tortas, mulitas and sopitas all washed down with horchata or an ice cold Mexican coke. Oh yeah.

Not only is this a great way to sample some amazing food, it’s also a way to learn more about authentic Mexican cuisine. And for taco truck newbies, you’ll be able to learn all about the more unfamiliar dishes and meat choices and how to order at a taco truck.

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If you’ve never tried it, I recommend giving the tacos al pastor a shot. Al pastor originated in Central Mexico and is a Mexican version of Middle Eastern shwarma. It’s spit-grilled pork that’s been marinated for one to two days, then cooked on a vertical rotisserie with a piece of fresh onion and pineapple on top. The result is a tender, slightly sweet meat that tastes amazing in a taco with some chopped onions, cilantro and salsa.

The tour kicks off on July 1st and goes every Friday, Sunday and Thursday until Friday, September 30, so get your tickets here and sign up for a tasty tour of authentic Mexican cuisine, all served under the open sky on a street corner near you!