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bloggersWord of mouth influence is one of the most powerful and organic ways to build buzz around your event or cause. According to Nielsen, 43% of consumers are more likely to make a new purchase when learning about a product or service via social referral. Blogs have become an essential part of the new media system of word-of-mouth. With significant following and one or more digital platforms, the right blogger can help amplify your message and spread the news about you and your events. Read through our tips below for how to establish lasting community connections with bloggers.

1. Target Your Niche
Bloggers often have clear niche interests. This often makes it easier to invite them to your event than other traditional media outlets. As you research, think about bloggers that are relevant and influential in your area. If you are hosting a cooking class at a restaurant, think outside of the box and look for individuals who blog about food from varying perspectives. Find mommy blogs about food preparation, food-to-farm organizations, and of course foodies. Every industry has subcategories and target markets. Pay attention to the blogs that have already written about your competitors; it’s more likely that they will be interested in writing to you, too.

TipBlog Catalog and Google Blog Search are a few free resources for searching for interest-specific blogs.

2. Reward Their Readers
Sometimes, something as simple as a fully-loaded gift bag is enough to warrant a dedicated blog post. Even better, the goodies included in the bags can also work as giveaways or contest prizes for their readers. You can also offer unique discount codes to your future events or shows for the readers of the blog. Bloggers work as virtual conduits for your message. The potential for your event to go viral relies heavily on nurturing their readership. Don’t forget to include a link (not an attachment) to photos and videos associated with your event or with the industry the blogger writes about, that would be appropriate to include along with a blog on your event. Bloggers need visuals to keep their readers’ interest!

3. Simplify Your Message
Making your event information easily shareable is key to any media outreach. Bloggers are no different. Organize all of the necessary information for your event including: date, time, location, event images, flyers, parking information, etc. If a blogger doesn’t have to spend hours researching your event, they’ll be more likely to feature you in their editorial schedule.

Tip: Crafting Facebook, Twitter and Instagram-ready posts can help extend your messaging on varying social platforms. If you’ve created an event-specific hashtag, you can also start building buzz around your event weeks before it begins.

4. Build Authentic Community
As you begin your outreach, be genuine in your efforts. If you see them posting an article about your show beforehand, comment, share and like it. Retweet their tweets and start following their work in advance so they’ll have some context for who you are before your invitation. Don’t forget to thank them both publicly and privately for their coverage and treat them like VIP at your event. You never know what a great relationship with a blogger can do for you in the future.

These beginner tips should get your started with your outreach efforts. If you have any questions or comments about inviting bloggers to your events, email us at or call (800) 838-3006 (Option 5).

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