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How to use Facebook Ads to target your audience

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You’re organizing an event that is special and unique. How do you find ticket buyers that are just as passionate about this project as you are? An affordable and easy option for strategic event promotion is Facebook Ads. With over 500 million active users, Facebook is a hub of potential customers cleanly labeled by age, location, and interests. By targeting your audience online, you could fill the house weeks before your event.

Here are a few things you may find useful when setting up your advertising campaign.

Keywords are always key

The listed interests, likes and hobbies of each Facebook user make it easy for you to find people who will be drawn to your event. By associating your ad with industry-specific keywords, you are actively extending your targeted reach. For example, a cabaret variety show might target keywords such as burlesque, circus, or magic. Even better, Facebook allows you to add as many words or “tags” as you want.

Location matters

Like keywords, Facebook allows you to attach your advertisement to the profiles of users living in a particular region. Someone might fall in love with your event, but lives 1000 miles away. Ads that reach people who live far away won’t help you sell tickets. When potential patrons are part of your local community, they’re more likely to come to your events.

Engaging graphics are a win

As people scroll through their timelines or browse friends’ profiles, your content becomes secondary information. If they see a cool or fun graphic they will be more likely to read and click on your ad. Show posters make great visuals, but sometimes don’t look good in small scale. Try to find visuals that are clear and compelling even when viewed at a smaller size. Portraits and simple graphics are good for this.

Direct traffic back to your ticketing site

People are hooked by your keywords and love your graphic! Make it easy for potential patrons to secure spots to your event by linking your ads directly to where they may purchase tickets online.

If you’d like to get started on your Facebook Ad campaign today, visit: For information on how to set up your campaign, check out Capito’s visual walk through of Facebook Ads.

Have any questions regarding Facebook Ads and targeting your audience? Want someone to bounce ideas off of? We’ve got a whole department dedicated to assisting you with Event Promotions. Call (800) 383-3006 (option 5) or email Our Event Promotions team has years of experience helping event organizers pull off successful events. Completely free to you, we’re here to talk through your specific event challenges and come up with wickedly-good plans. We love to help! Give us a call today.