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Local Radio to Hit Seattle Neighborhood Air Waves

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Waves of Puget Sound will soon crash into Seattle neighborhoods. Air waves, that is, will carry hyper-local news, music and community dialogue directly to your home sweet home.

Last October, Brown Paper Tickets publicly introduced between 12 and 15 new neighborhood radio stations that could be added to the Puget Sound FM radio dial by 2016. Join Brown Paper Tickets in helping the voice of your neighborhood build a permanent home on the public airwaves.

Fremont Solstice Parade © Jim CleghornHelp Promote Neighborhood Radio in the Solstice Parade

80,000 people are expected on June 21, 2014 to come out and enjoy the 25th annual Fremont Solstice Parade. This year, you can promote Seattle’s new neighborhood radio stations, meet other radio supporters and enjoy crowds from a new perspective. Volunteer to walk (or rollerblade) in the 2-mile parade with Puget Sound neighborhood radio station supporters as part of the Green Hat Ensemble, a fundraising float that hopes to raise $25,000 (one-third of the entire budget for producing the Fremont Solstice Parade).

24 volunteer spots are available, but going quickly. Sign up to march with the Green Hat Ensemble or call Pamela Burton at 206-601-5191, or email her at You can also just show up at 1:30PM on Saturday (June 21) at Fleur De Lis Statuary (39th and Leary). Look for other supporters next to 2 big green hats.

Will Your Community be Served by a Neighborhood Radio Station?

Peruse Brown Paper Tickets’ updated list below of all local radio license applicants to see if there is a station planned for your neighborhood. Want to become part of community radio in your neighborhood? Contact Brown Paper Tickets Public Media Doer, Sabrina Roach.

Why Neighborhood Radio?

“What if you heard your neighbor’s voice on air? Or your favorite local band? Or your barista?,” said Pam Burton of Fulcrum Community Communications, the nonprofit behind the neighborhood radio station planned for North Seattle, and organizer of neighborhood radio supporters in the Fremont Solstice Parade. “Young and old alike are invited to make neighborhood radio. We want everyone to join us in sharing your voices, amplifying what matters to Ballard, Fremont, Greenwood, Phinney, Queen Anne and Magnolia.”

How to Help

Share this blog post via social media to spread the word. Reach out to any nonprofit on our list below. Offer to share your resources or volunteer. Right now, local stations need fundraising, community engagement and technical assistance.

Stay Tuned: More Coming for All Puget Sound Neighborhood Radio Stations

Brown Paper Tickets has offered free counsel, connections and services of an on-staff professional advocate for public media for more than 3 years, in preparation for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for nonprofits to apply for neighborhood radio licenses.

Several of Puget Sound’s new radio stations have been organized by nonprofits that only found out about the chance to apply for their neighborhood radio license because of outreach and publicity generated by Brown Paper Tickets. Many of our nonprofit applicants have been connected to the people, tools and public resources they need, as well as connected to each other to share resources through Brown Paper Tickets’ National Make Radio Challenge, an initiative of the company’s Doer Program for community advocacy.

Later this year, we’ll publish an updated “Sound of Tomorrow” Puget Sound neighborhood radio map, as well as offering opportunities for public engagement with their local station. Stay tuned. More events coming for low-power FM, community radio and more.

Why Does an Event Ticketing Company Care About Neighborhood Radio?

Brown Paper Tickets is a Not-Just-For-Profit company – our own corporate social responsibility business model. Our social mission is to build healthy communities, and we have invested in the success of neighborhood radio across the United States (but starting in our own backyard) through our Doer Program because we believe neighborhood radio is a powerful legacy for communities to build, bond and grow stronger.

Puget Sound Neighborhood Radio Stations (Summer 2014)

Seattle stations:

*Fulcrum Community Communications (107.3 / Neighborhoods North of the Cut)

Application accepted for filing; opposition to informal objection filed; awaiting action

*Seattle University Radio (102.1 / Central District/First Hill) construction permit granted.

The nonprofits below are sorting out how they will either time share or try to jump to another channel. These applications have not yet been accepted for filing as they all applied for the same frequency:

*Earth on the Air Independent Media (University District) might jump to another channel

*Iglesia Casa

*Hollow Earth Radio (Central District)

*SouthEast Effective Development (SEED) – (Rainier Valley/Rainier Beach)

*Sand Point Arts & Cultural Exchange (Magnuson Park)

Puget Sound Neighborhood Radio stations (outside of Seattle):

*Your.FM (Skyway)

*OneAmerica (SeaTac) have Construction Permit

*Sustainable Bainbridge (Bainbridge)

*UWave Radio at University of Washington at Bothell (Bothell) have Construction Permit

*Voice of Vashon (Vashon) have Construction Permit

*Make.Shift (Bellingham) have Construction Permit

*Fab-5 (Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood)

*KMIH Booster Club (101.1 / Mercer Island) application awaiting action

Photo: Fremont Arts Council / Jim Cleghorn