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Meet Caleb – Fight Choreographer!

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Cop: You can torture me all you want.

Mr. Blonde: Why, thank you! I don’t mind if I do.

Never was there a better soundtrack for torture than “Stuck in the Middle with You” by Steelers Wheel. Nothing like the groovin’ sounds of 70’s rock to accompany the brutal disfigurement of a helpless officer of the law. I never thought that I would get the chance to put my own twisted spin on the most disturbing scene of one of my favorite movies, Reservoir Dogs. Yet, this is the exact opportunity Theater Schmeater gave me, with some slight variations. One difference, obviously, is that it’s on stage, and the second is that it features some tough-as-nails women flashing .45’s and .357’s talking about murder and robbery. The show? Reservoir Dolls!


I was hired as the fight choreographer, for those who don’t know what that title entails, it’s creating the appearance of extreme violence while maintaining the safety of the actors and the audience. This does not mean that you won’t have visceral reactions to these fights, we have everything from simple hooks, to groin punches to sensual, sexy slicing and stabbing. A majority of the time, the move is not what sells the violence, it’s the intention of the actor that resonates with the audience. From what I’ve seen these ladies project and trust me, you don’t wanna cross ’em at a bar.

The show opens on May 20th and runs through June 8th and you can purchase tickets here. This is a show you don’t wanna miss, and before I forget, thanks to JD for bringing me on and to one of my best friends, Ben Burris, for dropping my name!

Posted by Caleb