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donationtoolgraphicGot a big heart? You’ll love this. Ready, set, raise more money. With our fee-free online donation tool, you can maximize money for good causes, projects and organizations with no service fee taken from Brown Paper Tickets. Zero. Zilch. Nada. No contract. No deadlines. No limitations. No charge from us.

$667,047 has been raised to date by more than 1,000 community centers, non-profits and individuals using our fee-free tool for online fundraising. Donor money goes to a heart-felt cause instead of a ticketing company, donation tool or crowd-funding platform.

Prepare for Giving Tuesday. Use our tutorial.

1. Collect Donations without Selling Tickets

Add your own credit card processor. (Due to an agreement with our bank, the Brown Paper Tickets processor cannot accept charitable donations). Create an event and add donation pricing. Then promote the page and watch the goodwill grow.

-Support a friend, family member or community through a hard time
-Raise funds for indie bands, art and theater projects or to save a local venue
-Schools can use it to fund new programs, equipment or uniforms
-Find charity event ideas

$44,000 was the record raised from one single Brown Paper Tickets donation-only event page using the fee-free donation tool to buy clothes, food, blankets and other items for Brooklyn shelters after Hurricane Sandy. A current fundraising page is for Feather Note Music Project, a philanthropic program to prevent suicide in Native American youth by teaching and giving them tools to record music, stories and languages of their culture.

rusted-root-commoncare2. Collect Donations and Sell Tickets

You can also organize a charity event, fundraiser, or benefit and allow event attendees to contribute donations when they purchase tickets.

Ticket buyers will still be charged $0.99 plus 3.5% of the face value, but when you use your own processor Brown Paper Tickets will only take $0.99 + 1%, leaving you with 2.5% to help offset your processing fee. No fee is added to donation levels, only to tickets. Official 501©(3) organizations that qualify for a lower credit card processing rate with PayPal or their credit card merchant find that Brown Paper Tickets’ gift of an additional 2.5 percent of the face value of every ticket often covers 100 percent of their PayPal or credit card merchant fees.

-Host a black-tie fundraising dinner or wine tasting
-Organize golf tournaments, roller derby charity bouts and other sporting events
-Ask your favorite local band to play a benefit show
-Find fundraiser event ideas

A benefit music concert featuring band Rusted Root worked well for Heather Rangel, San Francisco Bay Area event organizer of a $100,000 fundraiser benefiting CancerCommons. Supporters bought tickets, donated funds or both in the same transaction. “I couldn’t believe that Brown Paper Tickets would do this for us for no fees; it felt like there must be a catch, but there never was one,” Rangel said.

Rangel’s fundraising event was held in tribute to a friend who lost her battle with cancer in fall 2014. CancerCommons, a nonprofit that educates patients and doctors about cutting-edge treatments and research, received all funds directly. Rangel was so pleased with her event success, she just created a new $1 million fundraising campaign.

Brown Paper Tickets offers a lower fee for ticket buyers than competing ticketing companies offer to 501©(3) nonprofits. Low ticket fees and zero donation fees is a social ROI example of our Not-Just-For-Profit business philosophy. “We are the first to offer free tools and service for anyone to forge a direct connection between donors and the causes they care about without taking a cut,” said Steve Butcher, CEO of Brown Paper Tickets. “Fundraising is a selfless act. We honor fundraisers by putting the financial rewards of their labor directly in their hands, where it belongs.”

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  • ArtofthePie

    Another reason why I love BPT!

    • Brown Paper Tickets

      Thank you so much for the kind words.

  • Ron Ozer

    Why do you recommend using a third party processor? I have never done this and prefer not to.

    • Brown Paper Tickets

      Due to our bank agreement, we cannot process donations through
      the Brown Paper Tickets credit card processor. This is why we
      require donations to go through a third party processor (like
      PayPal). However, our processor will allow sliding-scale or
      pay-what-you-can pricing levels. If you’d like to continue to use
      the Brown Paper Tickets credit credit card processor, you may
      pursue this option. For detailed instructions on how to do this,
      contact support at brownpapertickets dot com or call 800.838.3006.

  • Kerry

    How are individual donors given tax receipts for their contributions?

    • Brown Paper Tickets

      Brown Paper Tickets will not be able to provide valid tax
      receipts on behalf of organizations which would be necessary by
      any possible IRS auditing. Since each donation and ticket will
      come with the contributor’s contact information, event organizers
      can send information directly to them.

  • larry levine

    Our organization set up a Donation $500 item. Do we need to do anything else to have BPT process this fee free?

    • Brown Paper Tickets

      Sounds like you’re all set. But ask our 24/7 customer team for
      one-on-one support with your event set-up. 800.838.3006 or support
      at brownpapertickets dot com.

  • Dan

    Last month I had a fundraiser for a non-profit. Can you refund me the fee you charged for those ticket sales?

    • Brown Paper Tickets

      Ticket sales for events are still subject to fees. It is the
      pricing level of donation only (not a ticket to an event) that
      qualifies for no fee from us. Feel free to call our 800.838.3006
      24/7 support center to inquire about a specific event.

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  • Simply a great service from BPT, really a bookmarking page for me and to share with my friends.

  • Kathy

    This sounds like a great option for the benefit a group I’m involved with is throwing, but I have a couple questions about the CC processing. Does it link with Square? That’s the only merchant we have. Is there someone over at BPT I can contact to talk about this? Thanks, I appreciate the help!