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Seattle: Not All Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs!

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Graeme Thomas from our UK office in Edinburgh, Scotland just came out to Seattle for a visit to the home office and a few comedy spots around town. He was kind enough to share his experiences with us in blog form. So, without further ado, Graeme Thomas everyone:

I’d been asked (forced against my will really) to come to the States for some training in our Seattle office (I know what could I do, it’s all work work work). I dully agreed to the torturous ordeal of flying out to the States (No entertainment between Newark and Seattle!? Come on Continental… up your game!)

Anyway I touched down and got my bags, and my taxi (by “taxi” I mean Kelly) was waiting for me, who very kindly dropped me off at my flat (apartment). I really appreciate the lift as I am sure Kelly had better things to do with her time.

I didn’t know too much about Seattle I’d heard it was famous for Microsoft, Coffee, Nirvana, The Space Needle, Frasier and of course Kenny G, so I looked forward to what was in store for me.

Before the training kicked in on Monday I managed to get up the Space Needle and was treated to some cracking views over the city. I then exhausted the monorail network and jumped the Duck, which is a very entertaining bus/boat tour round Seattle that really brings out the inner child in you; mine wasn’t hiding that deep as it turns out.

I squeezed in a trip downtown, including the Pike Place Market, where you can buy anything you like as long as it’s jewellery, fish, flowers or a combination of the three. It has a good vibe and is the most visited place in Seattle (Duck fact) plus, the oldest Starbucks is down there. Much is made of this as this is technically “history” in the US, Starbucks dating back as it does to the 1970s! (I’m only joking guys)

I did spots at the comedy open mics at Punchlines at Jai Thai and at the Odd Duck Studio. Thanks for having me guys it was a lot of fun. Grace and Tony swelled the numbers and smiled and laughed at the appropriate spots, thanks guys.

Renee got me a ticket to see some proper football by the Seattle Sounders. Boy these guys are passionate! Don’t get me wrong, that’s good to see, but also rather alarming with your gun laws! Sadly Dallas nipped a goal against the run of play and then the Sounders were not given either of their good penalty shots. This led to an interesting song about the referee casting doubts on his parentage, which can not be repeated here. Despite the score it was a really good night.

I got a lot out of my training week. Learning much from Renee in Call Centre, Ivan in Client Services, Cal in Promotions and Kelsye with social media. It has been great to meet everyone and I would like to thank you all for making me feel very welcome.

I’m going home with a better understanding of the company, a bigger CD and DVD collection (after Ivan’s suggestions) and some great memories. Sadly the ash cloud was a week early and did not keep me here any longer. Next time Gadget!

Thanks for everything.



Image courtesy of The Simpsons. Not an actual picture of Graeme….but pretty close!