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Foodie Friday: Lobster Shells & Cheese

20130622_171817When having people over for dinner it’s good to have an ace up your sleeve. A recipe that is absolutely guaranteed to award you with a room full of admirers at the end of the evening. One such succulent selection that I whip up to make a splash is a variation on the classic shells and cheese.

This all grown up rendition of a staple is packed with lobster and creamy, cheesy bechamel sauce. For those of you that don’t like lobster or prefer crab, you can substitute easily. I often make this with bay shrimp or crab in the same quantity and it turns out great.  I unfortunately do not have a vegan version of this recipe, but for vegetarians leave out the lobster and you are all set.

Serve this dish along with some nice citrus dressed greens and chilled Chardonnay.  Cheers!
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Foodie Friday: Gravlax

The Slow Food movement has had a huge impact on what we include on our plates in the last several years. Slow foodies prefer locally-made specialty items lovingly grown, raised or made by families that love their craft and respect their ingredients.

While it’s easy to pop into the local super market and grab some packaged goods, slice them and throw them on a tray for your guests, it is far more satisfying to hear the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs of your guests as they sample your homemade slow cured delicacies. Creating your own specialty foods may take more work and time, but the difference will amaze you.

Along with making your own cured meats and fish there are a number of other great homemade specialty items that are easy to make and sure to impress. This week I am sharing a recipe for curing Gravlax, an item that many of you may love to eat but are intimidated to try making yourself. I am here to assure you that it’s not that hard and the results may surprise you. With a caring spirit and a little patience you can be serving this succulent delicacy at your next brunch. Enjoy!
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