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5 Online Events to Attend from Your Living Room

Online Events

You’ve binged that tiger show on Netflix that everyone’s talking about. You’ve Kondo-ed all your closets and cupboards. You’ve even cleaned your bathroom. So now what?

Quarantine doesn’t have to be boring. As more and more events move from in-person to online, our opportunities to learn, create, and be entertained grow exponentially. We’re no longer limited by things like distance, parking, or even the need to get dressed.

Here are some of our favorite unique experiences that are happening in the coming weeks. While these events are being hosted all over the world, you can join in from your couch (or your bed—we won’t judge!).

Frontier Home Log On Festival/Fundraiser

Frontier Home has hosted many an intimate show and workshop from their quaint log cabin in the heart of Seattle. Now, get your “log on” by attending their virtual one-day festival, with music workshops by day and live streamed concerts by night. 100% of contributions will go to directly to artists associated with Frontier Home. May 10.

Childrens Film Festival Seattle – The Cat’s Meow (All Ages)

Take a break from YouTube cat videos and treat yourself to some cat films! As part of the Childrens Film Festival Seattle, Northwest Film Forum is showing a clowder of cat-centric animated shorts from around the world. Great for feline fans of all ages. May 14, 16, and 17.

Full festival passes available here.

The Stand-Up Seminary

Admit it: you’ve always wanted to be a stand-up comic. Now’s your chance, as Chicago’s Lincoln Lodge helps you take the raw material of your semi-hilarity and mold it into comedic gold! Mic stand not included. May 18.

Intro to iPad Drawing

If oil paints and a drop cloth sound like a dangerous prospect with the kids and the dog at home, why not take a cleaner approach to art? McHenry County College will teach you iPad drawing, painting, effects, and more that will astound your family, brighten your day, and won’t require a carpet steamer. May 19.

Intro to Compassionate Listening – Healing the World from the Inside Out

We may have to be socially distant for the time being, but what better opportunity to foster a deeper emotional bond with our loved ones? Led by Susan Partnow, this 4 session series will help improve and heal relationships through listening, understanding, and compassion. May 23, 30. June 6, 13.

These events are just the tip of the iceberg! Discover more online events and experiences here.

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