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Foodie Friday: Holiday Sweets

3123693806_4cb1ca16d9_zIn the realm of pastry, the most overlooked and under-appreciated types of confections are usually the most common. It’s easy to take something like ice cream for granted if you get yours at the supermarket.

However, the trend of over-indulgence on store-bought goodies is something that we foodies need to nip in the bud. Sure, it’s easier to grab a bag of Chips Ahoy at the supermarket and keep them around in the cupboard where they, eerily, don’t get stale. But where’s the fun in that?

It’s no secret that everyone eats more sweets this time of year but while, personally, I am unable to enjoy sweets, I sure do like to make them for my friends and family. There is something very satisfying about giving your loved ones a gift of homemade confections that you put so much effort into making.

This edition of Foodie Friday, I want to share a couple cookie recipes that I have been honing for some time now. Remember, recipes are just a guideline and there is one, very important, ingredient that you never write down… love. Enjoy!
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