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Foodie Friday: Banana Ice Cream

389114189_40af3b475e_zThere are different ways for every family to spend time together. In my house, cooking is a major activity, with plenty of rewards. The time we spend together cooking and the resulting foods keep our hearts and bellies full.

Having a toddler in the house gives me the extra excuse to indulge my inner child and make things that adults almost always enjoy, but never think of making at home.

Our most recent culinary adventure was homemade ice cream. While I was busy measuring milk, cream and sugar, my little one proved herself an expert banana-smasher and taste tester. In addition to smashing bananas and tasting them, my daughter was able to learn some valuable lessons about kitchen safety and stirring things together, necessary skills for any aspiring chef.

The banana ice cream recipe I am sharing this week is most definitely an adaptation of a few recipes I have used throughout the years. If you are vegan, you can replace the milk/cream with coconut milk and omit the egg yolks – it won’t turn out quite the same, but is still a delicious frozen treat. Stay cool!
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