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The Mid-Week Beat: All Roads Lead from Death (the band)

o-A-BAND-CALLED-DEATH-570This week’s post come from Dave Hernandez, Brown Paper Ticket’s Venue Outreach Specialist. You may know Dave from his stint as the bass guitarist of The Shins or as the founder/guitarist/lead singer of the legendary Albuquerque punk band Scared of Chaka. Dave has over 25 years of experience in the DIY music community, from booking/promoting shows to touring the world, playing in DIY and major label acts. You can expect to see many more posts from him sharing his stories from being on the road with his current band The Intelligence or recommending some upcoming shows that we’re ticketing.

Please welcome Dave to the Mid-Week Beat and look out for future posts from Mr. Hernandez.

All roads lead from Death. Well, a lot of roads at least. This week’s Mid-Week Beat is punctuated loudly by the documentary A Band Called Death.

Forty years ago, three teenage brothers in Detroit created the band Death. They were loud fast and cool, but decidedly the opposite of what was being marketed for African Americans in the music biz in 1973.

To be fair they were raising a ruckus around the same time as The Stooges, MC5, and the Modern Lovers, but nothing with their level of intensity or speed really took hold until Bad Brains invented hardcore approximately five years later in Washington DC. So, essentially, before there were the Sex Pistols OR Ramones, there was Death.

To celebrate the limited screenings of this awesome piece of history, I will be highlighting some bands and events happening this week that owe a lot to these three brothers from Detroit. Three brothers that decided to not change their band name and play Motown. Although how cool would a Death record be that was produced by Motown?
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