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The Pronto Podcast — Brown Paper Tickets’ Event Guide for Seattle

BPT_buttonWelcome to The Pronto! Brown Paper Ticket’s event guide for Seattle.

Tune in every Tuesday to check out a few of our favorite events in the Emerald City! You can check back to the blog every Tuesday at 10am or hit “subscribe” on the player and get each week’s Pronto delivered right to your computer.

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This week’s podcast features our top picks for this year’s New Year’s Eve! These are just a few ways to ring in 2014.

Conor Byrne Pub in Ballard hosts the 2nd Annual Artist Home New Year’s Eve Celebration. Lots of guest musicians on the roster including members of Big Sur, Ravenna Woods, Hounds of the Wild Hunt, Smokey Brights and more.

If you wanna get exotic this year check out Afro-Caribbean New Year’s Night at Salsa N Seattle. The doors open at 10. Breakfast at 4. In between expect lots of partying, plus an amazing performance by Sultan Clinton, DJ Toni and others.

If you really wanna feel the music this time around, perhaps a stop at Bassdrop Music NYE 2014 is the way to go. This one is at the newly renovated Monkey Loft in Sodo and features DJs Jameson Just, Paul Wheeler, Tyler Brown and others.

Lucky Strike in Bellevue hosts Cirque Glow New Year’s Even 2014. With prices ranging from thirty bucks to a ten thousand dollar VIP package (yes, you heard that right) there’s plenty of bowling, dining, drinking and dancing for everyone. Plus acrobats and other circus performers. Amazing party.

This might be the year to go back in time. Couple’s Cupid 70’s New Years Eve Groovy Dance Party goes back to the 70’s. So wear your best vintage clothes. This sexy event is limited to couples and single females only.

If you wanna go straight for the tunes this year, head over to the High Dive in Fremont. You’ll blaze in the new year with The West, Ever So Android and Dead Ship Sailing. Great bands, indeed.

In the mood for some Russian influence this time around? How about spending new year’s eve at the Russian Community Center of Seattle on Capitol Hill. They’re calling it The Firebird. Your hostess will be decked out in Russian attire. There will be plenty of Russian food and music. And of course, there will be enough vodka for everyone.

Wanna go retro? Why not spend the evening at Fuel Sports in Pioneer Square with Platinum Spandex. That’s Puget Sound’s best 80’s hair rock band. You know you sorta wish it was 1987.

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Foodie Friday: Brunch Basics – Part 2

5039_101375121406_6244512_nIn the realm of egg cookery there are a lot of possibilities. A simple scrambled egg can spiral into an endless combination of temperatures, additions, and techniques that result in or are a party to a tasty meal.

When it comes to brunch there are a couple things that immediately come to mind and both of them are in this weeks recipe. I chose Hollandaise because it is a mother sauce that is absolutely essential to brunch. Whether is is Eggs Benedict or Bearnaise sauce with your steak and prawns, it just belongs at the table. This recipe should be easy to double if desired, although, you may need a bigger boat (bowl & pan). You can add any number of flavorings to your completed sauce to make it your own. I like to add Dijon mustard, coarse ground black pepper, and basil for example. You can also sub out the lemon juice for lime or orange and switch up the type of hot sauce. I also like to serve Hollandaise on the table for guests to add to whatever. Why hold back on brunch? Enjoy!
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Foodie Friday: Cashew Chicken

Quick and easy recipes that the whole family will eat are like gold in our house. Having a toddler restricts our meal choices drastically. It also limits the amount of time we can spend in the kitchen. Sometimes we go the safe route and cook up some macaroni & cheese but we all know that’s not a balanced meal.

One of our all time favorite meals just happens to also be one of the quickest to prepare. So, this week I thought I would share a great recipe for cashew chicken. This dish can easily be ready to eat in less than 30 minutes and in our house everyone cleans their plates. If you don’t eat meat just bulk up on the veggies or add tofu and extra cashews. Enjoy!
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Foodie Friday: Ratatouille with Herb Quinoa

Eating healthy can be challenging for a foodie. The truth is, most of us love rich foods usually involving duck fat or butter.

That said, the older I get, the less I find myself eating these things. Sure, I crave the occasional confit. Who doesn’t? However, I am now trying to balance out the bad with the good by making a majority of my meals healthier. There are plenty of great, classic dishes that aren’t going to make you hang your head in shame right in your trusty Escoffier. Cutting out as much fat and carbohydrates as you can is important but, so is doing the thing your mother has been telling you your whole life; “Eat your vegetables!”

Personally, I love vegetables in all forms, and Ratatouille is a perfect example. Ratatouille is a classic dish that has all the makings of a great low-fat meal. I like to serve mine with a nice herb quinoa; a low-carb, high protein alternative to rice or couscous. You could easily put what ever you want with your Ratatouille. Remember a recipe is only a guideline. Enjoy!

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