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11 Hot, Nerdy, New Burlesque Trends

game-of-thrones-burlesqueBurlesque isn’t all feathers, tassels and pin-ups. Brown Paper Tickets tickets thousands of burlesque events each year and we love to see all the creative tributes and trends.

Since it’s the season for costumes and creative dress, we tallied the outrageous, salacious, the downright funny and the serious, too.


1. Game of Thrones: Burlesque is Coming

We love the tagline for this event: “For the night is dark and full of rhinestones.” Who isn’t watching/reading/talking about Game of Thrones? Game of Thrones burlesque blends fantasy with the farcical. It’s produced by Moxie LaBouche who also put together another nerdy hit: “The Princess Bride: A Burlesque Tribute of Unusual Size.”

2. Comic Book Burlesque
Burlesque performers and superheroes have a lot in common. Both are confident, costume-clad, total bad-arses. Comic-book burlesque takes superheroes right from the page and brings them alive on stage. Get ’em, Bat Girl.

3. Burlesque and Board Games
Nerd Girl Burlesque gives the audience a tease and then steps down from the stage to play …board games. Sultry Scrabble. Daring Dice. Guests even get to bring in their own games.

Teases and Tributes

4. Tributes to the Late Great ’90s

This 90’s burlesque tribute wins just for the name: Ain’t Nuthin’ but a G-String.

5.  Heavy Metal Burlesque
Big, crazy hair. Sky-high leather boots. Makeup to the max. Metal and burlesque go together like skulls and crossbones.

6. Queen

Get all gussied up and see burly meets the rock ballad with this burlesque tribute to Queen. Mustaches are the only must, real, fake or painted on.

7. Club Fiend: A Misfits Burlesque Tribute

If Queen doesn’t do it for you, maybe a little London Dungeon will. Yes, there is a burlesque tribute to the hey-day of the horror-punk band.

8. Burl-eoke
We know you never get tired of belting out Joan Jett covers at the local dive, but when it’s time to switch up your karaoke night, Burl-eoke is the thing to do.

9. The Pink Room: David Lynch Burlesque

Cast off the rules of linear narrative and into the Lynchian – that is the bizarre, dream-like and hypnotic. Twin Peaks. Blue Velvet. Need we say more?


10. Zombie Burlesque
rAAaAA RrAaaAaaA uuHHHH Orr. Fluent in zombie speak? See classic burlesque with an undead twist in Vegas.

11. John Carpenter

‘Tis the season to be out-of-your-mind terrified. Liberty Rose brings acts inspired by the films of John Carpenter. Carpenter was the guy who directed a certain slasher film named after a certain holiday. This is the burlesque show of your nightmares. In a good way, of course.

What’s your favorite themed burly show? Comment away.

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The Mid-Week Beat: Goblin & Horror Rock!

goblinIn honor of the scariest month of the year, today’s Mid-Week Beat is focused on a band who is best known for their chilling soundtracks to some of the most iconic horror films.

The Italian prog-rock band Goblin formed in the early 1970s. They were orignially named Oliver until Cinevox, their record label, changed their name to Cherry Five. The band was influenced by the prog-rock titans of the time: Genesis, Yes and King Crimson. However, Cherry Five had their own strange and cinematic sound and Cinevox mostly published film soundtracks, so the band was often called upon to perform and arrange various composer’s soundtrack compositions. This made the group very familiar with the musical techniques that were unique to soundtrack work.

In 1975, the band was called in as a replacement for composer Giorgio Gaslini for the film Profondo Rosso (Deep Red) after he had a conflict with the film’s director Dario Argento. They changed their name to Goblin in an effort to differentiate themselves from Cherry Five, who had just released their debut LP. The Argento soundtrack albums ended up being huge hits, selling more than a millions copies, and from then on, Goblin’s music would forever more be associated with Argento’s films.

The success of the Profondo Rosso soundtrack kicked off the most prolific and successful period for the band and they would go on to provide the scores to many horror classics including Suspiria, Zombi and the European release of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. This prolific period ended in 1978 when the band began to splinter. What remained of the original group continued to provide sountracks to Argento’s films including Tenebrae in 1982 and Non ho sonno (Sleepless) in 2000.
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Tuesday Tease: Here Comes Festival Season!


Winter is coming to an end and spring is springing up all over the place! The snow is beginning to melt away and be replaced by flowers, which can only mean one thing: festival season is here!

Burlesque conventions are a great way to not only network with fellow performers but also to see some great up-and-coming talent, perhaps see a living legend of burlesque and to witness the top burlesque performers that are touring the convention circuit. You can get a few tips, perhaps pick up some stage gear, and hob-nob with your burlesque idols.

This year, Brown Paper Tickets is ticketing more burlesque conventions and festivals than ever before and the first batch are going on sale already with the PA Burlesque Festival coming up this weekend, quickly followed by BPT newcomers, the Southern Fried Burlesque Fest and The Great Burlesque Exposition in Boston, where Brown Paper Tickets will have a table set up and where we’ll be teaching a class on the Sunday of the conference. If you’re planning on attending the Expo, be sure and come up and say hi!

As we get closer to summer, we’ll feature more festivals but be sure and get your travel plans in order for these incredible festivals and conventions. Just judging by this list, it’s going to be HOT this Spring!
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