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Comedian Christophe Davidson – Comedy Below the Equator

Greetings comedic traveller! Are you one for adventure? Do you like being surrounded by people who speak a language not unlike your own, but with its own added quirkiness? Do you often think about how funny you’d be if only you were able to demonstrate your comedic arts in the southern hemisphere? Well then an Australian tour might be worth considering.

Please note that going to the other side of the planet will not improve your act in any way. It is strongly advised that along with toothpaste and sunscreen, you also pack a solid hour performance with you before embarking on your trip.

Many comedians feel that North America is it. Yet the simple fact is between Australia, the UK, and Ex-Pat shows throughout the rest of the world, you could have an accomplished career in comedy and never once set foot on a North American stage. Now I’m not saying you should rush up to your local comedy club owner, saying, “Forget you. I’m off to entertain the world,” but it’s good to know that there is more out there than you think.
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