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Foodie Friday: Brunch Basics – Part 3

8248930619_a1e9fe73c4_zWelcome to the third installment of Brunch Basics. To be fair I could easily dedicate the entirety of Foodie Friday to the subject but then I wouldn’t be able to share all of the other great stuff with you from week to week.

This week I wanted to focus on the simple art of egg cookery. This subject can be very delicate for some of us that cherish a perfectly cooked over easy egg or a light, fluffy omelet and there are a few tricks to getting the results you are looking for. If you have ever been to a restaurant and got eggs that were over cooked, rubbery, or just bad, do yourself a favor and stop going there.

You can make the perfect egg in your own kitchen every morning with just a little extra care, a couple of tricks of the trade, and the right equipment. This week I will try to cover what I think to be the two most common ways people like their eggs. Enjoy!
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