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Foodie Friday: Double Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

4795656116_a13ca04fc3_bEvery year, no matter what kind of wonderful parties and other festivities are going on, at some point there is a slump. Maybe it’s a friend or family member, co-worker, or yourself that goes through a rough patch during the dark, cold winter months. This, unfortunately, is something people tend to ignore and muscle through instead of confronting.

There is a delicious solution for your winter time blues, and it turns out it’s been there all along. Food is the great healer and always has been in every culture on the planet. Chicken soup when you have a cold, a glass of orange juice to get your vitamin C, it’s different for everyone. Many foods have been scientifically proven to have health benefits not the least of which is chocolate. This is not only coming from a long time chocoholic. Ask around, heck, ask your doctor! In fact studies have found dark chocolate in particular to be beneficial to your body and also can help to melt away the stress of your commute.

Now just because chocolate is good for you in moderation does not mean ganache dipped cupcakes are. However if you feel like you deserve a treat (and you most likely do) don’t go half way and eat a snickers bar, get some quality therapy. The kind only chocolate cake can provide, and don’t forget to share. Be well!
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