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Foodie Friday: Brunch Basics – Part 4

The first meal of the day has historically been needed to be both inexpensive and hearty. The settlers would commonly compose it of the most basic ingredients available.

While this did the trick, I imagine there was something left to be desired in the flavor department. Most commonly, settlers would serve some sort of gravy made from whatever meat was available and would need to soften the twice baked and very tough biscuits that were a staple on the wagon train.

Thanks to modern technology we not only have the luxury of soft flaky biscuits fresh out of the oven, we also no longer need to make our gravy with salt pork, bacon, or someone’s goat. It feels good to have the luxury of fresh meat and an electric oven and I feel we should be sure to make the most of what we have.

This week I have kept with our Brunch Basics theme of the last month and wanted to share a recipe for biscuits and gravy. Although my recipes are much different than the ones used on the wagon trail they ought to do well for you. For those of you that don’t eat meat feel free to use a vegetarian sausage and or different types of milk etc. The basic components of gravy are fairly forgiving most of the time. And of course this same gravy can be served on toast or just about anything else you can dream of. Enjoy!
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