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San Francisco: Get Ready for Halloween with Shocktoberfest 12!

October is upon us and thus begins the season of all things dark, creepy and sinister. Over the next month, I’ll be featuring events that set the mood for Halloween and the first event that caught my eye was Shocktoberfest in San Francisco.

This trio of noir-horror plays is celebrating its 12th year and is a collaboration between San Fransisco’s renowned Thrillpeddlers and author Eddie Muller, who wrote the evening’s plays. The Thrillpeddlers have been around for nearly two decades and specialize in authentic Grand Guignol horror productions. The Theatre Du Grand Guignol was located in the Pigalle neighborhood of Paris and was open from 1897 to 1962. It specialized in horror shows and today the term Grand Guignol is used to describe a wide range of graphic horror entertainment, ranging from Elizabethan theater to modern splatter films.
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San Francisco: Will Franken’s Birthday Bash this Thursday!

Comedian Will Franken has been called San Francisco’s “Best Comedian” by the SF Weekly and the “Best Alternative to Psychedelic Drugs” by the San Francisco Bay Guardian. Franken’s comedic style is rooted in the British sketch comedy tradition and he will portray a wide variety of bizarre characters and situations in a single show. In a single routine he can mix high-brow references to John Milton with scathing social commentary and low-brow scatological humor. In short, one never knows what to expect from Franken and he’s been quoted as saying, “Madonna reinvents herself every year. I reinvent myself every two minutes.”

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