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Foodie Friday: Lemon Granita

8177806260_bd3ba3ac5a_zAs summer starts to plateau into a steady heatwave, life starts to slow down. But, for those of us who are handy in the kitchen, turning those long sultry afternoons into productive and refreshing culinary adventures can be the perfect way to pass the time.

Italian lemon ice or lemon granita is a simple and refreshing frozen treat that will definitely cool you off on even the most sweltering of summer days. You can replace a portion of the lemon juice with any other type of fruit juice for a creative twist on a classic and if you have an ice cream maker you can use this recipe to turn out a delicious sorbet.

Stay cool!
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Foodie Friday: Organic gardening with Seattle Tilth

Celebrating the simple joy of warm, sweet, fresh-smelling air, eating together in the evening air, and BBQ. That’s what summer is to me!

After getting up at the crack of dawn and spending all day working in my yard, I relish the feeling of satisfaction that I get at the end of a long summer day. My favorite summertime memories include standing with a cool beverage in my hand, with the tiki torches flickering and the smell of the grill teasing my nostrils as it sears and roasts my dinner to perfection.

But what fun is grilling without a beautiful, chemical-free yard in which to enjoy it in? Our yards are our personal, little corners of the earth and, I don’t know about you, but I like mine to be green in more ways than color.

Browsing through the Brown Paper Tickets website, I came across some great events that will help you find the best ways to maintain your yard in the greenest way possible during the yard work season. Seattle Tilth has a bunch of really cool classes that range from sustainable land care courses to gardening and more. They’re exactly the thing we need to get informed about better summer living through sustainable, organic yard care.

Organic Gardening 101
Edibles in your Landscape
Harvest the Rain From Landscapes to Cisterns

You can view all of the great events that Seattle Tilth has to offer on their Producer Page!

In the spirit of the season I also included this BBQ rib recipe. Enjoy!
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