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Artist Ticket Picks: “Everything, Everything, Everything”, The 3rd Annual Vogue Retrospecitve, Jeff Timmons and more!

1403254_10151932241338886_1266201206_oWelcome to this week’s Artist Ticket Picks! The Artist Ticket program gives our customers a way to donate to causes that we care about.

If you’re an event producer, you can allow your ticket buyers to purchase limited-edition tickets printed with original artwork in your event settings. The ticket buyer will pay a small, additional charge of $0.25 and receive a limited edition, collectible ticket imprinted with original artwork. The current charity of our choosing will receive 100% of the additional charge. Physical tickets must be enabled on the event.

If you’re a ticket buyer, you can check to see if the limited edition ticket is available to you at the beginning of the ticket checkout process or by visiting the Artist Ticket page. You receive a small piece of collectible art and support a valuable cause just by checking the box in the Artist Ticket widget when you’re purchasing your tickets!

See a full list of events carrying the tickets on the Artist Ticket page, as well as find out more about the beneficiary for the current run of Artist Tickets.

So, without further ado, here are this week’s Artist Ticket picks:

Saturday, November 23 I Everything Everything Everything Tacoma, Washington   Funny, thoughtful, and thoroughly contemporary, Everything Everything Everything is the story of a man and a woman who fall in love — with another woman. Can romantic rivals still be roommates? What if they’re as young as they are foolish and as poor as they are depressed?

Poet / artist Ilvs Strauss (pronounced “Elvis”) and actor / musician Wesley K. Andrews premiered this multidisciplinary show at the City Arts Festival 2012 in Seattle. Now they bringing it to Tacoma. More specifically to Urban Grace. Click here to learn more!


Wednesday, November 27 I The 3rd Annual Vogue Retorspective with Feast, Palooka and Ancient WarlocksSeattle, Washington   Feast was one of those “coulda been” groups that never broke out 291357-250of the underground. Originally called Feast of Friends after a William Blake poem, the band showcased Tom Mick on vocals, Dan Blossom on guitar, Jane Higgins on bass, and Dan Peters on drums.

Feast was extremely charismatic live, with Mick playing the active front man. The band’s sound combined the Deep Six punk/metal hybrid with postpunk. In 1986 Feast had become a top draw at The Central. “Feast was always one of my favorite bands,” promoter Claudia Gehrke states in an email. “… they had a very heavy sound. I remember when I [booked a show with] Soundgarden and Feast together. Feast was the headliner at the time, and then we found out that Soundgarden was getting scoped out for a record deal. We had to switch the lineup to Soundgarden playing at the headliner time. It was a huge night. Both bands were great. Feast was a guaranteed heavy hitter. [They had] great posters, stepping out into their own brand of art and music. I wish I had seen them get signed. They always had a great crowd.”

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