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The Mid-Week Beat: The Glad Cafe

GladcafeThis week the Mid-Week Beat takes a look at the rather fine venue that is The Glad Cafe.

Located in the south side of Glasgow, in the heart of Scotland’s most ethnically diverse community, The Glad Cafe provides a warm hub serving quality food throughout the day. Freshly prepared seasonal foods can be found during the day and a variety of sharing plates are available in the evening, and of course delicious home baking can be consumed at all times!

Once watered and fed there is much to keep you at The Glad Cafe; they also have a well equipped venue which has become home to all sorts of  music, be it indie, electronic, traditional, world etc. Their aim is simple, to provide a showcase space for up-and-coming musicians as well as being available for more established acts.

This is not just a stage for music however, The Glad Cafe has played host to exhibitions, films, poetry readings as well as comedy and storytelling. The venue has been set up with the correct considerations in mind and it is clear that the performers, sound engineers and of course, the viewer have been well catered for. So if you are looking for a venue with a capacity of 100 to hold intimate, fantastic looking and sounding shows, you should certainly consider contacting them here.

At Brown Paper Tickets we really value the sense of community that events bring and this is something that The Glad Cafe clearly recognises as well. As a social enterprise with the legal structure of a Community Interest Company they have a social purpose and goal to eventually plough profits into affordable music lessons for local people. Bravo to that!

Some of the events coming up at The Glad Cafe include:
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The Mid-Week Beat: Electric Company, The Twilight Sad and Cuushe

This week on the Mid-Week Beat we look at the launch of a new record label: Electric Company Records, we have a peek at The Twilight Sad and suggest you check out the new EP from Cuushe. We also have a stonking “and finally” video for you.

Electric Company Records

As most of you know, we are all about DIY here at Brown Paper Tickets. This is why we are hoping to see Electric Company Records achieve great things. They are a truly independent label releasing music from their favorite artists on vinyl, CD, cassette and digital download. They’re doing it their way; with artists that they love and enjoy working with.

Electric Company was first mooted in 2012 when they opened Dixon Street Studios in Glasgow. For them, a record label seemed a natural progression as they continued to forge good relationships with the bands that played & frequented their gigs and recorded and rehearsed in their studios. With their love of doing things themselves and with the luxury of having their own studio to record in, they were in a great position to put out records. The New Fabian Society became their first signing and with the launch of they hope to not only be recording and releasing local artists, but distributing works from bands and artists the world over.

Their maiden release will be available on 7″ vinyl & digital download exclusively from them on Friday, 12th April 2013 and they’re having a release party that night at Nice N Sleazy where The New Fabiian Society are supported by KVB and The Cherry Gaze. Grab your tickets here.

Here are The New Fabian Society with their song “Cyclothymia”:

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The Mid-Week Beat: Loscil, Origamibiro and Hidden Orchestra

HiddenorchestraThis week on the Mid-Week Beat we have the pleasure to look at three instrumental groups who each produce their own unbelievably unique, hypnotic sound.

It was probably not until a friend lent me “Mr Beast” by Mogwai that I realised how powerful an instrumental song could be. It really felt like you could immerse yourself in the music and that a vocal would have just been a distraction. When done well, as these three bands are a testament to, instrumental songs pull you right in as they are filled with genuine energy, emotion and atmosphere.


Loscil produce ambient and electroacoustic music. It is Scott Morgan from Vancouver who is behind Loscil, which takes it’s name from the “looping oscillator” function of the Csound computer music language. Loscil’s self-released album, “A New Demonstration of Thermodynamic Tendencies,” resulted in Chicago independent label Kranky taking an interest in his music. They signed him and released “Triple Point” in October of 2001 which has since been followed by five additional full-length albums including the latest “New Brighton Field Study” released in August of 2012. You can catch Loscil in Glasgow at the The Glad Cafe on Thursday, the 21st March. Hurry tickets are selling fast!

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