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Foodie Friday: The Bite of Seattle

IMG_2610Here in Seattle, Washington we have several food events that happen throughout the summer months. Probably the biggest food-related event is the Bite of Seattle, a free three-day event that boasts hundreds of vendors and thousands of attendees. I have attended this event for many years and have cooked at the event for a couple of different employers over the year as well. I have definitely always enjoyed myself at the Bite and this year was no exception.
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Foodie Friday: Your Freezer, Canning and You: Tips for Surviving the Winter

Happy harvest season, everyone! It’s a season full of produce: sturdy squashes, apples and pears, and hearty greens. Unfortunately, as healthy as they are, some of these options can be a little harder to grab-and-go, or use to cook a fast dinner; then once winter sets in, it gets a little harder and more expensive to find fresh produce. Before you dive back into your pantries for the store-bought canned goods or the freezer aisle of the grocery store, consider some ways you can save some money, and flavor, while still having a wide array of healthy options ready to use right at your fingertips.

The freezer — and cans! — are not the enemy. But there are some fantastic ways to utilize the last days of those bountiful fresh herbs and produce to have delicious meals for the winter, and ways to make your dry goods more convenient. Here are some satisfying steps to delicious, healthy eats and some domestic self-satisfaction without wasting food or taking a big hit to your wallet. I’m good with freezing; I’ll defer to the experts for canning!
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Keren Brown and Foodportunity 2012

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with Keren Brown, the brilliant author of The Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle and In addition to writing, Keren organizes networking events for food industry people in the Seattle and Portland areas called Foodportunity. Foodportunity 2012 will take place in Seattle this coming Monday, June 25 at Tom Douglas’ Palace Ballroom, and the event promises to be teeming with talented and passionate foodies of all sorts.

Several local chefs with recently-released cookbooks will be available for meet-and-greets, too! Thierry Rautureau of Chef in the Hat (owner/chef of Rover’s & Luc, and author of “Rover’s Cookbook”), Alice Currah (“Savory Sweet Life” cookbook), Michael Natkin (“Herbivoracious” cookbook), Jess Thomson of Top Pot Doughnuts (“Pike Place Market Recipes”) and Cynthia Nims (“Gourmet Game Night,” “Salty Snacks”) will all be making appearances.

Although she is terribly busy, she was kind enough to grant me an interview!

What got you into the Food and Beverage industry?

I moved to Seattle and decided to start networking through cooking classes and volunteering at food events. I love how food connects people.

Who is your hero in the industry?

Martha Stewart. Even though she is not only food-related. I love how passionate she is. She can make anything happen.

What is it about food that connects people?

We all have to eat so having good food around starts the conversation and keeps it flowing.

What cookbook are you cooking from lately?

Yotam Ottolenghi’s “Plenty.” The book is all about vegetables. You can’t go wrong.

I can’t tell you how exciting this event is for a long-time foodie and industry veteran like myself.  In Keren’s own words: “Foodportunity is open to anyone in the food industry. Chefs, restaurateurs, food writers, food bloggers, food tweeters and food- passionate people.” She is doing what I think many people in the food industry have always wanted to successfully accomplish: to bring everyone that is passionate about food and the food industry together to share ideas, network and, most importantly, taste some amazing culinary creations.

In the midst of a tough economy we need our like-minded passionate food family now more than ever. Dining and socializing are fundamental components of our society that we should cherish, and Foodportunity should lend itself easily to that cause. Be sure to grab tickets over here before they’re gone.

Thanks again, Keren! I’ll see you there.

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