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Foodie Friday: Ghormeh Sabzi – A Super Food

539wCooking with herbs and other leafy greens is a delicious and very nutritious way to go. With organic farming making huge waves we are provided an ever-growing selection of fresh, healthy options to for us to cook with. Nutrient rich dishes are growing more and more popular in part due to this increase of awareness and availability. These healthy meals have always been popular in kitchens all over the world, you just have to know where to look. Although you can easily grab all of those great ingredients and throw them into your juicer for a supercharged glass of go-juice, once in a while it’s nice to site down and savour your health food.

Ghormeh Sabzi is a traditional Iranian stew that embodies health on many levels. If there ever was a super food, this has got to be one of them. It has been around for well over five hundred years and it’s a real favorite of mine. I always feel great after eating it. This dish is usually served with polow which is a specifically prepared long grain rice. This Persian-style rice takes a lot more work but is most definitely worth the effort. When making polow there is a crust of golden brown rice that forms at the bottom of the pot called tahdig. This highly-prized, crispy treat is usually dished up for special guests since it is in short supply and considered very special.  This succulent stew also can easily be made as a vegan dish by simply leaving out the meat, adding potatoes, or adding anything you like.

Make the recipe your own and enjoy the slow methodical preparation because that’s healthy too. Be well!
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Foodie Friday: Ratatouille with Herb Quinoa

Eating healthy can be challenging for a foodie. The truth is, most of us love rich foods usually involving duck fat or butter.

That said, the older I get, the less I find myself eating these things. Sure, I crave the occasional confit. Who doesn’t? However, I am now trying to balance out the bad with the good by making a majority of my meals healthier. There are plenty of great, classic dishes that aren’t going to make you hang your head in shame right in your trusty Escoffier. Cutting out as much fat and carbohydrates as you can is important but, so is doing the thing your mother has been telling you your whole life; “Eat your vegetables!”

Personally, I love vegetables in all forms, and Ratatouille is a perfect example. Ratatouille is a classic dish that has all the makings of a great low-fat meal. I like to serve mine with a nice herb quinoa; a low-carb, high protein alternative to rice or couscous. You could easily put what ever you want with your Ratatouille. Remember a recipe is only a guideline. Enjoy!

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