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The Mid-Week Beat: Dance Punk – Past and Present

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no_bunny_jpg_595x325_crop_upscale_q85Hi everyone, its Dave Hernandez again with another Mid-Week Beat. Brown Paper Tickets is bringing some stellar stripped down and dance-y punk acts to both coasts this week, a couple current (Hunx & His Punx and Nobunny) and one classic (Jonathan Richman).

Here we go:

TONIGHT! Wednesday, August 9 I HUNX & HIS PUNXPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania  Hardly Art Records signed up Hunx & His Punx almost as soon as they witnessed the first couple of bars of Hunx’s hilarious Ramones meet doo-wop, sexy/cutesy, X-rated boy-on-boy love anthems.

Here’s what Hardy Art is saying about their newest LP Street Punk:

“Hunx & His Punx is now led by Seth Bogart and Shannon Shaw, who split songwriting and vocal duties. In the years since their last album, 2011’s Too Young To Be in Love, Seth recorded a solo album called  Hairdresser Blues (2012) and started a homemade TV Show called Hollywood Nailz, while Shannon released Dreams In The Rat House (2013) with her other band Shannon and the Clams. Somehow during all of this, Seth and Shannon managed to secretly meet in Los Angeles and Oakland and to gob out Street Punk.”

Hunx & His Punx will be playing with Chain and The Gang at PhilaMoca, Philadelphia’s amazing art/performance space, don’t miss this: the first show of their 23 day coast-to-coast tour tonight.

** WARNING! This video contains subject matter and language that may be offensive to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. **

Thursday, August 8 I NOBUNNYSanta Rosa, California   Going strong for five years is Justin Champlin’s Nobunny. He comes from the 90s-era Tucson garage-punkers The Okmonics, and has a pretty strong reputation in the party rock scene. NoBunny is most infamous for live shows that descend into sweaty pogo messes with him donning nothing but his trademark bunny mask and tighty-whiteys. And you can bet that the crowd up front will be at least half female. No lunk-headed moshpits here. Only good times for all.

He plays with Summer Twins, The Wrong Words and Pookie & The Poodles at the Arlene Francis Center in Santa Rosa, California.

Monday, August 12-15 I JONATHAN RICHMANSan Francisco, California   Jonathan Richman’s Modern Lovers, started in Boston in 1970. With one record, they created a genre of stripped-down, keyboard-heavy dance punk (before it was called that) with charmingly pretentious lyrics encouraging a break from the, then dominant, hippy lifestyle. Members went on to play in The Cars and Talking Heads, but none of their other projects left as big a musical footprint as The Modern Lovers. They were the opposite of The Stooges in almost every way but, in my mind, equally as revolutionary.

The band stopped long ago but Richman hasn’t. His “Greek chorus” style casting in the slapstick comedy Something About Mary introduced him to a whole new audience and reminded many old fans that he was still around. Through it all, Richman has never been anyone but himself: a lovelorn, drug-free, educated cornball with a flair for upbeat acoustic numbers delivered with Gene Vincent flair.

Everyone needs to see him once, and in San Francisco you have four chances during his residency at the Mission District’s legendary Make Out Room.