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Tuesday Tease: 3 Hidden Gems for Producers and Ticket Buyers

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graphicI’d like to take a few moments to pull back the curtain and expose some of the inner workings of Brown Paper Tickets in order to help ticket buyers and event producers meet up more easily. I spend a lot of time reviewing burlesque shows and there are a ton of great overlooked tools on the site that producers and ticket buyers can use to find shows and sell tickets.

After consulting with several producers about what features of Brown Paper Tickets they use most, I have compiled a list of the top 3 “hidden gems” on Brown Paper Tickets’ site that producer’s and customers can use to sell tickets and find shows. This being Tuesday Tease, I am going to be highlighting features used by burlesque producers but everything listed here will apply to almost every kind of event.

1. Producer Profile Page: One of the most underused resources on Brown Paper Tickets also happens to be one of the most useful. The Producer Profile Page is often neglected, even by established producers. A single event producer can have multiple shows at a variety of locations which can sometimes make it challenging for ticket buyers to find the show they’re looking for, especially if they’re unsure about the location and date of the performance. The producer page is a space that catalogs all the active events for a specific producer as either a calender or a list, making it fast and easy for ticket buyers to find all the shows from their favorite producer, troupe or individual performer in one place.

Ticket buyers: Did you find the ticket page for a show you love and want to see more by the same producer? On the right side of the event page there is a link labeled “owner”. This will take you their Producer’s Profile Page where you can see every event that this producer has currently listed on Brown Paper Tickets!

Producers: The Producer Profile Page is a great way to show potential ticket buyers what events you have coming up without having to link people to every event individually. This page can be customized and can even be used as a blog! A couple good examples of the customization that can be done is the page for Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque and the Naked Girls Reading page.

To make changes to your your Producer Profile page log into your BPT account, go to the account tab and select “My Profile.” If you want to customize it to the extent that was done by Naked Girls Reading you can contact the Brown Paper Tickets Tech Department at

2. The Ticket Widget: The second most overlooked feature is tucked away in the linking options for every event. The ticket widget is a ticket sales box that you can embed in your web site or blog. With this, orders can be started directly from your web site without having to follow a link to the Brown Paper Tickets event page first. This simplifies the sale process for your ticket buyers and can help increase traffic on your site. A wonderful example of this can be found on Seattle-based burlesque producer Sailor St. Claire’s Tuesday Tease website.

3. Ticket Auction: Lastly on my list of hidden gems are ticket auctions. This happens to be one of my favorite features on Brown Paper Tickets as you can auction off special seating packages, VIP tickets, backstage passes or just about anything else that you can think of, as long as it includes admission to your event. The auction is set up as a price level when you are creating your event. You just go into the advanced pricing options for the price and set it to be an auction. Then you set the sales end time for the price to when you want to end the auction (any time before your event). Then you set the minimum bid as the price and click “add this price.” When someone wants to bid on the price they simple enter their bid on the event page or the ticket widget and check out as normal. Their card is not processed until the the end of sales for the event, at which point the winning bid will be charged and informed via email. This can not only create extra buzz around your event, it can also be a fun way to connect with your audience.

There are too many features on Brown Paper Tickets to list here. That’s why we also have lots of people here to help you! Both our Call Center and Client Service offices are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So if ever a question comes up that you need answered, no matter what the hour, there will be someone here to answer the phone. We can be reached at 1-800-838-3006 or via email at

The last thing I would like to do today is thank the producers who helped me compile this list: 8mm AfterglowSailor St. Claire and Active Entertainment. They are all wonderful people who put on amazing shows!