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Tuesday Tease: Teaching the Tease

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610-250It’s been a couple months since we featured some of the great burlesque schools we work with. Since many of our readers are burlesque dancers themselves or, at the very least, have an active interest in burlesque, we thought it’d be worthwhile to feature some of the great classes coming up in the next week or two. Even if you have no intention of ever hitting the stage, burlesque classes are a great way to get some exercise, to learn more about the business side of being a burlesque performer, learn some makeup tricks and/or potentially spice things up in the bedroom with your partner.

The three schools featured are amongst the top burlesque schools in the country so if you’re in Seattle, Phoenix, Austin or Minneapolis, why not learn the tease from the best in the business?

Sure it’s hot out, but why not get a little hotter?

Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of BurlesqueSeattle, Washington

Starting Thursday, July 11 I Bump & Grind Summer 8 week session with Ruby Mimosa Seattle’s Academy of Burlesque instructor Ruby Mimosa teaches this fun and foxy workout to learn the basics of the bump & grind, shimmy & shake! This class is designed for all levels and includes a warm-up, steps that are put together in a small combination, and lots of practice!  With fun vintage burlesque music and high-energy instructors!

Saturday, July 13 I Art of the Tease   In this introductory class, students are empowered to explore and discover their own inner tease-artiste in a safe and friendly environment. Gloves, boas, and hand-fans are provided, no dancing or dance skill required. Learn the who and what of the how and why!

Saturday, July 13 I How To Strip for your Lover  Bring the sumptuous art of burlesque into the boudoir! Learn techniques for teasing, tantalizing and actually stripping for your sweetheart! With demonstrations, and lots of time to practice!

Saturday, July 13 I Tassel Twirling   Watch em wiggle! See em jiggle! Can you go clockwise? In opposite directions? Learn the ancient alluring skill of tassel twirling! A revolutionary class for all budding Helicopter Girls. Open to all bodies with chests.

Friday, July 19 I Boa Tease   Learn to work a classic burlesque prop:  the fun, glamorous boa!  Far from a simple costume element, the boa has a fascinating history and is the perfect tool for enhancing tease and creating sexy drama. The Academy of Burlesque will provide each student with a marabou boa that you can take home. A perfect class for groups and parties!

14936-250Burlesque UniversityPhoenix, Arizona

TONIGHT! Tuesday, July 9 I Fan Dancing Fan-omenon!   Gas cans, file folders, trash can lids and serving trays; what do they all have in common? Incorporate another level of tease to heighten your performance! Learn the tricks of the trade with fan dancing to add dimension and grandeur to your performance and dance like a pro!

Wednesday, July 10 I Make-up On Stage and Off   Make-up artist session: $100. Creating your own look: PRICELESS! Whether you are looking for beauty tricks for your everyday lifestyle, wanting to learn tricks for an upcoming big event or looking for character development for stage this is the class for you! You’ll learn the basics of make-up, how to create vintage/character looks and MORE!

Wednesday, July 10 I Vintage Hair  Ever wonder how those pin-up princesses create those exciting and alluring quaffs?  Learn how to obtain such a goddess look for yourself. Once you step into a room time will stand still for you. Just be sure you are carrying a big enough bag for all the compliments that will be coming your way. BEWARE! Inquiring ladies will want to know you trick, so be prepared with a great un-telling comeback.

Saturday, July 13 I Self Confidence for Curvy Girls with Pearl Necklace   Every girl deserves to feel good about herself! Self-Confidence for Curvy Girls will provide a body positive environment for women to learn how to appreciate their curves and accentuate them with confidence. The class will consist of discussion about body image and dressing (and undressing) for your figure. We’ll explore the world of undergarments to provide an understanding of how to accentuate your curves while hiding what you don’t want seen. While exploring the world of lingerie, you will learn some history of lingerie and how to shop for items that will make your partner squeal with delight. Get ready for some fun, and a special surprise!

Saturday, July 13 I Burlesque Cardio Cabaret   This 45 min low-medium impact workout brings out your inner burlesque goddess. Kitty Victorian will teach you burlesque style moves that are easy but will sculpt and define your entire body accentuating your sexiness. Learn to strut with confidence which will stop traffic whether you are on stage or at the grocery store. Get ready to sweat sexy!

243861-250Austin Academy of BurlesqueAustin, Texas

Sunday, July 14 I Modern Burlesque   Are you wanting to learn how to express your sensuality and release that inner dance diva? Then come peel away your inhibitions in this fun, carefree class, where you’ll learn to master sassy poses, walks, hip rotations and movement all your own. Everyone hears the beat of the music differently, and everyone moves their body in their own unique way. This class will give you the freedom to own that unique movement, while dancing to all genres of music. From class to class you will learn to work with props, striptease, and how to own the room with across the floor routines and short dance combinations. Come bring your personality to life, through performance. For best results, bring clothing you can stretch in, and comfortable high-heeled shoes? Class taught by Serese Brown.

Sunday, July 14 I Dance Basics for Burlesque   Release your inner burlesque starlet with an emphasis of classic dance techniques, statuesque poses and walks, and utilization of props all to sassy, swinging big band music.  The class consists of a variety of stretches and warm-ups based on dance, pilates and yoga, followed by across the floor routines which utilize jazz, ballet and classic bumps and grinds in a short dance combination. For the full experience, please bring high-heeled shoes. Taught by Coco Lectric.

Sunday, July 14 I Origins of the Bump and Grind   Learn the origins of the bump and grind from belly dance technique to hula, Latin styles and even a bump session to African drums. American burlesque has taken a hint from fertility dances from all over the world and your instructor will bring it all together for you. Basic classic walks and poses will also be reviewed. Bring comfortable clothing that you can stretch in.  Course taught by Coco Lectric.

Sunday, July 14 I Intermediate Burlesque Session II   Focusing on part 2 of number production. Students share song selections and themes. Development of a beginning, transition and resolution. Motivation and character will be emphasized. Course facilitated by Coco Lectric.

Sunday, July 14 I Musicality and Personality   In Musicality and Personality, find your personal style and flair while bumping and grinding to a variety of music. Learn how to use different music to inform a variety of movements and moods. Your instructor will guide you through a review of dance and burlesque movement while maintaining a fun and open environment. A simple dance combination will be used for a variety of songs with an emphasis on timing and effect. Diversity and variety of movement are embraced and encouraged. Class taught by Coco Lectric.

Can’t decide which class to take? Why not take them all with the Austin Academy of Burlesque Unlimited July Class Pass!

3740-250Playful Peacock Showgirl AcademyMinneapolis, Minnesota

TONIGHT! Tuesday, July 9 I BURLESQUE 2: TECHNIQUE   Explore burlesque techniques as you continue your journey in this 4-week series. Strut, shimmy, bump-n-grind, and much more! No dance experience necessary. Wear comfortable dance clothes and bring high heels. Prerequisite: Burlesque 1.

Saturday, July 20 I SHIMMY UP THE BURLESQUE LADDER: HOW TO GET BOOKED with DARLINDA JUST DARLINDA (NYC)   New to burlesque? Dying to get your creative self up on stage? Never fear! Darlinda Just Darlinda is here! With 7 years performing on the stages of New York City, Darlinda is a natural at getting booked. She will share the best ways to get gigs, how to get producers excited about booking you, how to create a buzz & promote yourself, how to find your niche with in the existing community… and what NOT to do! Bring an open mind and a writing tablet. You’ll want to take notes!

Saturday, July 27 I CREATING CHARACTER & EMBODYING EMOTION with PACO FISH (Baltimore)   Using theater, mime, and clowning exercises, this class will explore the many different personalities hidden within our bodies and discover the physical ways they express it. Learn how to create clear characters and express distinct emotions with using the whole body. Students should wear comfortable clothes in which they can move freely. Beginners and all levels welcome.