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Tuesday Tease: Boolesque! Part 1

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I’ve often thought that Halloween and burlesque are a great fit. Costumes, drinks, night-life, candy* and naughty fun are big parts of both. And it looks like I’m not the only one who sees the connection. When I sat down to research Halloween burlesque I knew that I would find some good shows but what I didn’t know is how many shows I would find! There are so many shows out there and they are appearing so quickly that I am having trouble keeping this list up to date. This is why I decided to break the list up into two posts.

I also noticed that Brown Paper Tickets’ home-base of Seattle, Washington seems to be the place to be if you want to see Halloween-themed burlesque shows. And while I’m delighted that my home town is at the top of the list, I would love to see the rest of the country step up with more “boolesque” and “gorelesque.” There is a lot out there but there could be more!

Here’s my first list of upcoming “boolesque” events. Stay tuned for a whole bunch more.

* I really want to encourage more performers to throw candy at the audience.

Seattle, Washington

Friday, October 5 I Decay  “A night of sultry, dark and dangerous burlesque and belly dance” at The Rendezvous Restaurant and Lounge, presented by AtmosFear Productions

Friday, October 26 I Tempting Tarts Burlesque Presents: Tricks Treats & Tarts!  Two shows (7:00pm & 8:30pm) busting out with tricks and treats for your enjoyment!

Portland, Oregon

Thursday, October 18 I Miss Kennedy Presents: A Rocky Horror Pastie Show  “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is a classic, one-of-a-kind cinema and theatrical production. What could possible make this show better? More boobs! “A Rocky Horror Pastie Show” is the classic story you know and love but with less talking and more stripping.

Boulder, Colorado

Saturday, October 20 I Peek-A-Boo! 2nd Annual Octoburlesque Spooktacular  There is so much going on with this show that I don’t know where to start. Come see performances by Foxy Sabrina, Lucki Charm, Jenesaisquoi, Luvy Duvy, Yonilicious, Bellydance from Maaz, June Deer, Chaz Boudoir and more! Not content to just sit there? After the show you’ll have a chance to get out on the stage and the dance floor and show ’em what you got!

Chicago, Illinois

Wednesday, October 31 I Naked Girls Reading – “Naked GHOULS Reading”  Ghost and horror stories read, sans clothing. Is there a better way to spend your Halloween? No. There isn’t!

New Orleans, Louisiana

Saturday, October 20 I Slow Burn Burlesque presents “Show Ghouls”  Scary, sexy shenanigans will be afoot at Howlin’ Wolf. Vampires, mummies, Frankensteins, witches and all sorts of seductive ghouls will be “scaring the pants off of you and (them)selves!”

Baltimore, Maryland

Friday, September 28 and Saturday, September 29 I Miss Dead Man’s Curves Horror-Burlesque Competition  Sometimes it’s not enough to have a show. There needs to be something more. The challenge of competition. The thrill of victory! This Friday and Saturday you will get that chance as performers from around Baltimore compete to be MISS DEAD MAN’S CURVES!

Flint, Michigan

Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27 I Monster Mash-Up – The Fischer Bodies Burlesque  Come see Dish Delish, Nada Teezovich, Twiggy Boylust, Kitty Coquette, Paige Turner and Victoria NightShade in a night of macabre pleasures.

New York, New York

Friday, October 26 I THE HOT BOX GIRLS  The Hot Box Girls presents A HOT HALLOW’S EVE! Their Halloween show at the Triad Theater.