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13 Frightening AF Halloween Events

LocalHalloweenEvents_PeopleCelebratingThe air is honey crisp. The nights are getting chilly. It’s time to eat (pumpkin-flavored everything), drink (cider please) and be SCARY. We combed through all of our Halloween events to find zombie 5ks, ghost walks, and so many other haunts across the country.

Here are our 13 top picks for Halloween events, ranging from entertaining and family-friendly to frightening af.

1. Hoke Us Poke Us, (21+) St. Louis, MO

The Sanderson Sisters have been resurrected as drag queens. In this Hocus Pocus staged reading, soak in the nostalgia of the childhood classic movie served with witchy drag realness.

 2. Hallowscream Exhibition Game, Fayetteville, AR

Let’s roll. Watch derby teams of all ages, from all over the region compete in a Halloween showdown.

3. Spooky Cookie Decorating class, Springfield, MO

When you want to learn some new tricks and have some treats. Get schooled on how to make tantalizing confections in cute shapes–jack o’lanterns, black cats, and ghosts.

4. Ghost Hunting Tour, San Francisco, CA

Want to explore one of San Francisco’s most-haunted locations? In this 90-minute ghost tour, you will embark on a paranormal investigation. Halloween events don’t get much scarier than that.

5. Haunting of the Imperial Theater, Philadelphia, PA

In this dinner theater show, experience the story of Magical Magician Professor Mandrake as he discovers what is making his cast and crew sense a ghostly presence.

6. A Haunted Evening, Austin, TX

This concert features many local artists playing their spookiest tunes.

7. A Haunting at Mill Hill, Norwalk, CT

Walk among gravestones, experience a haunted maze, and don’t die along the way. Then, if you make it through the evening, celebrate your survival and mortality with refreshments at an old one-room schoolhouse, circa 1826.

8. BarFly Bus Halloween, Portland, OR

Halloween isn’t just for kids; barhop your way to a proper adult Halloween. Get aboard this bus and plan for a night of costume contests, tomfoolery, and spooky fun.

9. Poltergeist movie screening, Fresno, CA

Return to the theater for this classic film that became an icon of horror cinema.

10. Run to Survive Zombie 5K, Cinebar, WA

Your mission: survive the obstacles and zombies along this 5k course. Race against time and run for your life.

11. Shapeshifter Circus, Glendale, CA

Rock-n-roll joins the circus. Experience a gravity-defying night of horror, carnival games, and acrobatic feats including aerial bartenders.

12. Twilight Ghost Tour, Hinsdale, NY

We aren’t kidding, this house is for-real haunted. Join the owner of the home on a paranormal investigation and see if you can reach the realm of the supernatural and come face-to-face with a ghost.

13. Zombie Prom, Forville, IN

At this all-ages event, come dressed in your best zombie prom attire and dance the night away to spooky tunes in a haunted venue. Proceeds will go to local community efforts for youth.

If we had to list all of our Halloween events this post would be long af. Find more Halloween events and have a great holiday.

Want to host a haunted shindig or a ghostly gathering? Get the pumpkin rollin’ and create an event. Remember, we have a dedicated promo team as well as 24/7 event support to help make yours the best Halloween event ever.

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Q & A with Jason Carney, Executive Director of the Phoenix Film Foundation

Brown Paper Tickets has some really fantastic decades-long relationships with event organizers. For example, we’ve partnered with the Phoenix Film Festival for more than 13 years now! Today we sat down with Jason Carney, Executive Director of the Phoenix Film Foundation to pick his brain about the Phoenix Film Festival.

Briefly describe your business.

JC: We produce the Phoenix Film Festival each April along with lots of movie goodness sprinkled throughout the year.

Describe your culture in 5 adjectives.

JC: Fun, quality, organized, cool, professional.

What gets you excited about your work?

JC: It’s easily the opportunity to bring films to audiences that they may not see anywhere else. And more specifically when the filmmaker is in the house. It’s a great energy.

What types of events are important to your business?

JC: Events that bring artists and film lovers together. There’s such a sense of community that develops when you bring folks together that have such a passion for film events.

How many years have you been using Brown Paper Tickets?

JC: We’re coming on 13 years with Brown Paper Tickets.  I’m a little hazy on how it all came together. I’m pretty sure we can blame Sten. Other than roller derby there wasn’t really anyone in town using BPT but once we started it was awesome to see lots of other organizations start using it. Every year new ticket companies pop up and contact us but we profess our love of Brown Paper Tickets and tell them to move on.

What advice do you have to businesses in your industry when it comes to events?

JC: Be organized and prepared for your artists and audiences. They are why your business exists, so you owe it to them.

What do you love about your local community?

JC: How much they trust us to bring them quality films. We have folks that show up at our event without really knowing what they’re seeing. It shows me that they’re confident in what we do.

What was the most memorable/wackiest/funniest/most successful (you can pick!) event you have put on?

JC: The most recent was a screening we did at this year’s Phoenix Film Festival. We were screening a great documentary about guide dogs called “Pick of the Litter”. When I showed up at the theatre at 8am there were about 25 guide dogs waiting (with people of course) just outside. It was the ultimate shock of adorableness to my system. Super fun!

Are you a movie buff, or interested in screening or attending films? We can help with that. Remember that Brown Paper Tickets offers 24/7 Event Specialist Assistance, as well as a dedicated Promo team to help with your social media and marketing efforts.



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5 Secrets for Designing Eye-Catching Event Posters

event-poster-designYou’ve secured a venue, entertainment and a schedule for your event. Now it’s time to start promoting. With a beautifully designed poster, you can build organic buzz around your event and watch it spread like wildfire.

Follow these 5 tips to create a powerful, effective event poster.

Event Poster Design Basics

1. Select tools and a style that suits the feeling of your event.

Use what you’ve got. Hand-drawn, painted, or cut-and-pasted collage posters are still relevant and can be quite successful, but if you feel comfortable in a graphics or word-processing software, go for it. Whatever your skill set, decide what style and effect you’re going for and back it up with your medium or application. Feeling lost? Do a Pinterest search for the particular type of poster you need to make and soak in the inspiration.

2. Choose engaging imagery and give it a great home.

Less is more, but there is a big difference between simple and plain. Choose central imagery that is clear but has enough detail to be interesting. A beautifully composed photograph of a performer can be effective, but so can a seemingly unrelated illustration. Many well-done show posters use visual metaphors to illustrate something about the experience of the performance in a somewhat off-handed manner. If you are borrowing imagery, make sure that you use high-quality images that are not pixelated, stretched, or distorted. Also make sure they are licensed for commercial use. Whatever approach you take, create a clear focal point with the imagery through placement. Try placing the image off center, using the rule of thirds. Also, when grouping multiple graphic objects present them in odd numbers so that they feel organic (I.e, 1, 3, 5, etc.).

3. Use fonts that connect to the imagery and keep it clean.

Fonts can make or break a great poster. Be unique but not over the top. You don’t have to use all of the fancy free fonts you’ve been collecting. Look to continue the shapes, patterns and textures of your imagery through the design of the letters you use. To be on the safe side, limit the use of various fonts to two or three, and don’t use them at more than four different sizes. Use more stylized fonts for titles and headings, at a larger size for easy readability from a distance. For body text, use a simple clean font that is easy to read at a small size. Pay careful attention to alignment and be consistent. Don’t casually jump back and forth between center, left and right alignment. Limit the use of all caps to headings, and be consistent with capitalization. The difference between the design of a professional and an amateur is often most evident through the treatment of text.

4. Be intentional when selecting colors.

Not sure what colors to use? Take hints from the colors of the imagery you’ve selected! If you’re using a photograph, use tones from the actual photo (you can utilize the eyedropper tool if you’re using graphics software). Choose contrasting colors. Neutrals are easy on the eyes for small type. High-impact colors like red, orange or yellow, can draw attention to sparingly-selected important details. Remember to continue to connect with the characteristics of your other elements with the selection of color – how does it make you feel? Does it make flow with the textures, forms, and lines of your imagery and fonts? This level of intention will help result in a cohesive end-product.

5. Balance your components.

You’ve picked strong imagery, exciting but readable fonts, and a beautiful color palette. Play with the elements until you’ve achieved good flow and balance. The eye should move easily from the engaging imagery to easy-to-read text. When arranged properly all elements should come together to create a single unified visual experience. Step back and take a look at the design at its actual size. If you are perceiving disconnected objects, rearrange them until the composition feels harmonious and cohesive.

Now that you have an awesome poster, create an event


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