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BPT’s Featured Venue: Bryant-Lake Bowl

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I’ve been noticing some unique events happening in Minneapolis at a venue called the Bryant-Lake Bowl. I was wondering why theatrical performances like Dragmanity: Dragshonista!, a drag fashion show and the Twin Cities Art & Culture Review would be happening in, of all places, a bowling alley. All I could picture was overweight men in too-tight bowling shirts, not the typical crowd for a cultural review. But Bryant-Lake is re-defining the bowling alley experience and turning it into a hipster paradise.

No luke-warm chili dogs and stale Budweiser here, they got a smoked trout and beet salad that you can chase with a Belgian ale; no tinny Journey blasted out of blown ceiling speakers, Bryant-Lake Bowl has live music from Chicago based electronic duo We Can and We Must coming in April. Theater? Drag? Beet salad? Craft beers? Live electronic music? In a bowling alley? Well, this is obviously the bowling alley for the new millennium and we sure do appreciate them using us to ticket their events.

They’ve even been featured on the Food Network! How many bowling alleys can make that claim?

If you’re in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area be sure to check out Bryant-Lake Bow in the Uptown neighborhood, a unique destination for your next night out.

Here are some upcoming events coming to Bryant-Lake Bowl’s theater:

Friday, April 1The Underpants Show! Lili’s Burlesque Revue has been delighting audiences for the last six years doing what they do best: hot jazz, bawdy comedy and vintage tease. The Underpants Show features a new bevy of beauties and burlesque antics EVERY MONTH! Every show is chock full of hilarity. It’s Minnesota Naughty at its finest!

Friday, April 15Sister Spit: Next Generation The legendary, raucous, rowdy performance gang, Sister Spit lands in Minneapolis with a vanload of multimedia, queer-centric brilliance! Don’t miss this multimedia explosion of tastemakers, novelists, fashion plates, painters, performance artists, poets and fancy scribblers.