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Innocence Project New Orleans

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Many of the events that we ticket are, often, supportive of a controversial cause. These are events that aim at providing more than just a good night out and a perfect example is the 10th Anniversary Gala for the Innocence Project New Orleans happening on Thursday, May 19.

Every day, people are unjustly convicted of crimes through attorney’s errors, incorrect witness identification, false testimony and a host of other problems. Some of these cases end up making headlines. Others, like the infamous West Memphis Three case, end up becoming full-fledged documentaries. But for the most part, we don’t hear much about the hundreds of people who are put in prison for life who don’t belong there. Some estimates put the error rate as high as 14% of convictions.

Innocence Project New Orleans is among the organizations working hard to free the wrongfully accused and get them back into the society they’ve been torn from. They are a non-profit organization that fights for retrials and appeals for the factually innocent, supports legislation that helps minimize false convictions and helps those that are released re-enter society as smoothly as possible.

For 10 years now, IPNO has been serving the Gulf Coast and working hard on the behalf of the innocent and their families. They’ll be holding their gala benefit honoring the courage and perseverance of their clients and the generosity of their donors. If you’re in the New Orleans area, believe in what the Innocence Project is doing and want to support them, pick up your advanced tickets here.

This is just one example of an event for a cause that we ticket. Browse the site and find events that support something you feel passionate about. Purchase tickets and know that you’re money is not only supporting an entertaining evening but an organization that could have an impact on your local community and, possibly beyond.