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Hey everyone, meet Bob Noxious our Alternative Sports doer extraordinaire. He’s out there hitting the pavement, providing support to all the amazing derby teams that we work with around the country. We wanted you all to get a chance to meet him and to get a glimpse inside the world of Roller Derby. So, without furter ado, Mr. Bob Noxious!

Roller derby! It’s my hobby, my job, my lifestyle. That’s how dedicated I am to the world’s fastest growing sport. Seven years ago I began with the fourth league to bout publicly – Madison, Wisconsin’s Mad Rollin’ Dolls.
Now there’s over 460 leagues in the U.S. and over 600 internationally! My cell phone’s call list is ridiculously long, and ridiculous to read. If you find a phone with contacts for “Dump Truck” or “Kool Aid,” just call “Bob Noxious,” ‘cuz that’s me…and my phone!

Brown Paper Tickets sponsored my travel to tournaments – including the national playoffs – for three years and
eventually I was hired as an Alternative Sports Doer. Finally, a job I love, working for a company whose integrity and values I could feel good about.

There’s a lot of tournament action in the Fall. Helping announce bouts, helping organize tournaments, meeting
new leagues…it’s awesome. I have a few million photos. Here’s a few from last September and October’s travels.

That’s Mack “The Mouth,” announcer and coach for Vancouver’s league – Terminal City. Dude can bring it on the mic! We’re in Boise for the Spudtown Throwdown. He challenged me to get a Bob Crane reference into my call. Nailed it!

After attending a few regional playoff tournaments, I spent time with two newer Wisconsin leagues. This photo is outside the facility where the Chippewa Valley Roller Girls (Eau Claire, WI) played their first bout. Yep, filled the place! I helped train new announcers that night.

This is Matt Black, CVRG announcer, and I just after Chippewa Valley won their inaugural bout. Don’t worry, your eyes are fine. Some announcers drink beer while they announce but I’m a believer in a lot of caffeine. A LOT of caffeine.

I met with CVRG’s Executive Board the next morning, we talked about all facets of their business during breakfast, said our goodbyes, and I left for LaCrosse, WI, to meet members of the Mississippi Valley Mayhem. They’re one of the coolest groups of people I’ve met.

One of the Mayhem’s great characters is a referee whose skate name is Otter. And, yes, he wears a small toy otter on his helmet. It hurts his wind resistance, but he’s strong, like bull.

I had to have a photo of the Brown Paper Tickets sticker on his helmet! Stickers are practically currency in derby and, actually, I wanted a photo of the otter’s backside. How often does a person get that kind of chance?

Need some help with your league or tournament? I’m your guy. I have the background to make your life easier or to hook you up with the right person who can!

Hit me up at or 608-554-1814.

Peace, out! I think that’s what the kids say. Workin’ on my street cred.