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Boozie Friday: Hangover Cures & Bitchin’ Brunches!

IMG_3661This week as all the kids went door to door in search of confections and mischief, many adults made use of the evening for for treats of a more intoxicating nature. Imbibing alcohol can make for a wonderful and fun evening in many cases. However, when overdone, it will definitely lead to very unpleasant side effects. There is a laundry list of physiological and psychological symptoms associated with the over consumption of alcohol but all you really need to know is it’s no fun.

Hangovers are like snowflakes in that everyone has a slightly different experience and preferences surrounding recovery. Although many people say they have a a “cure” it may not do diddly-squat for you, so you might as well start coming up with your own or slow down on the hooch. While the latter seems like the best option when hungover, many of us lose sight of the idea when a party is going on.

The “hair of the dog” as it’s called refers to drinking more in order to temporarily relieve the symptoms of your hangover. This is a particularly popular remedy since it seems to work, and a bloody Mary also happens to go great with steak and eggs. mimosas, bellinis, greyhounds, and micheladas all weigh in as popular hangover cocktails as they also go well with food and are relatively light in alcohol content which helps (you want to ease into your hangover buzz). For some “the hair of the dog” is a shot of whatever they were drinking (and usually a beer) after a light breakfast.

Some prefer coconut water, Gatorade, RC cola, various juices, or even plain old water but recent studies from the New York Post and others are saying that Sprite has a chemical content that’s the most effective. Another commonly used method particularly popular amongst restaurant workers is soda water and bitters. This beverage is sworn upon by many bartenders, servers and others in the industry as a go-to cure. What ever you choose to sip on just know that you are definitely dehydrated and may be fairly nauseous so you might want to stick with water and a low fiber BRAT diet until your symptoms have eased.

Any way you stack it, hangovers are no fun, but may be a necessary evil in the fight for your right to party. So drink reasonably and be safe when you are out raising cane on Saturday and it may make for a gentler Sunday morning. Remember to have a glass of water between drinks and start out the evening with a good meal. The war may rage on between the drinkers and their bodies but once in a while we may win a battle. Be safe!
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