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Foodie Friday: Kid-Friendly Lemon Herb Turkey Meatballs

This week’s Foodie Friday focuses on a kid-friendly recipe that even the most finicky of tots can enjoy. Both I and our resident food expert Patrick are parents to 1.5 year olds, and as many of you parents out there know, finding meals that the whole family can enjoy together can be challenging at this age.

As a first time parent, this stage in development has introduced my wife and I to many new challenges:  my boy is getting more active and therefore more prone to minor disasters. Valuables are going on higher and higher shelves, scraped knees are becoming commonplace, and tantrums are getting louder and more dramatic. Another recent development has been a sudden pickyness when it comes to food. Every day it’s an experiment on what’s he’s going to eat. So, for this week’s recipe, Patrick is sharing a recipe that his toddler loves every time and one that parents can enjoy as well.

I, personally, love using turkey instead of beef for meatballs. It’s lighter, healthier, and I think has more flavor when mixed with Italian herbs. In fact, I substitute turkey every time I make a bolognese, lasagna or any other recipe that calls for beef. Who would have thought that lowering your cholesterol would be so delicious? This is a great recipe and can be made in advance, so all you have to do is heat it up for a quick meal for the family.

We also are featuring three events in California, Massachusetts and New York that teach your children about cooking and eating healthier food.

If you’re dying to find alternatives to cheese sticks, crackers and juice, look no further. Patrick has thrown together a great recipe and found three great events that will teach your kids more about cooking and get them headed on the right track to a healthier life.
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