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Artist Ticket Picks: Americana Music, Children’s Films, Pancakes and more!

Chatham+County+LineWelcome to this week’s Artist Ticket Picks! The Artist Ticket program gives our customers a way to donate to causes that we care about.

If you’re an event producer, you can allow your ticket buyers to purchase limited-edition tickets printed with original artwork in your event settings. The ticket buyer will pay a small, additional charge of $0.25 and receive a limited edition, collectible ticket imprinted with original artwork. The current charity of our choosing will receive 100% of the additional charge. Physical tickets must be enabled on the event.

If you’re a ticket buyer, you can check to see if the limited edition ticket is available to you at the beginning of the ticket checkout process or by visiting the Artist Ticket page. You receive a small piece of collectible art and support a valuable cause just by checking the box in the Artist Ticket widget when you’re purchasing your tickets!

See a full list of events carrying the tickets on the Artist Ticket page, as well as find out more about the beneficiary for the current run of Artist Tickets.

So, without further ado, here are this week’s Artist Ticket picks:

Friday, January 24 I CHATHAM COUNTY LINE and guestsSeattle, Washington

Chatham County Line is a four-man American roots band that emerged from the bluegrass scene in Raleigh, North Carolina at the turn of the millennium. In their matching suits and ties, gathered around a single microphone, they look like a traditional bluegrass band, but in the words of the Washington Post, “the minor chords, patient tempo, and bittersweet irony owe more to Neil Young than to Bill Monroe. This blend of bluegrass arrangements and folk-rock songwriting has led to five terrific, if under appreciated, studio albums from the North Carolina quartet since 2003.” Their newest album, Sight and Sound, is a live album that captures their rich blend of  bluegrass, country, and folk.

The band features Dave Wilson on guitar and harmonica, John Teer on mandolin and fiddle, Chandler Holt on guitar and banjo, and Greg Readling on piano, pedal steel, and standup bass.  All four sing, with Dave most often taking lead.  Their vibrant harmonies, poignant arrangements, incisive lyrics, and catchy tunes deliver a contemporary take on timeless traditions.

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Film Festival Insights: 5 ways to ensure the success of your film festival

Many elements must come together to make a film festival a success, from selecting the right films, to marketing to actual day-of-festival organization. Caroline Planque, a member of our outreach team, recently sat down with Ian Merkel, the director, film curator and fundraising manager of the Vancouver South African Film Festival. Ian shared his valuable insights into what organizers may do to ensure the success of their festivals. His excellent advice applies not only to film festivals, but could be used by event organizers of all types.

Here are Ian’s insights to film festival success:

Add Galas and complimentary events to your film festival.
Every festival needs to have events planned around the films. The films on their own are not enough. You need to think about doing galas, or bringing directors in, or doing Skype interviews.

Target each film to a different type of market. 
Every film has its own type of audience. Yet the festival in itself has an audience you can target as well. Some of your films may be documentaries with causes. You can partner with those cause leaders to bring more attention to your festival.

Get sponsors for the galas to each film.
When you bring people in to sponsor, the word gets out because they’re telling their friends about it. You hit a larger audience when you partner with sponsors.

Film festivals need a lot of marketing, a lot of talk, a lot of promotion. You have to be in all types of media today. You have to be on twitter, you have to be on Facebook. You also need to work to get TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines talking about your festival.


Use themes to build interest in your films. Can you look at your best films and build up a theme around them? Festivals are special, it’s not just like going to the theater. Also, it’s good to promote your film festival with other festivals and collaborate with them as community partners.

Want more help organizing and promoting your film festival? Give our Event Promotions team a call at 800-838-3006 (option 5) or Totally free to you, our promotions team is standing by to hear your challenges and work to come up with smart, actionable marketing solutions.

About the Vancouver South African Film Festival:
The second edition of the festival will take place April 20-22, 2012 at the Denman Cinemas in Vancouver, Canada. All proceeds will be donated to the non-profit Education without Borders to support its educational development work in South Africa. The screenings will focus on both documentaries and feature films that reflect the complex reality of the South African society, making the scope of the festival unique and unprecedented. Attend or learn more about the festival here:

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This Weekend in California: The Inaugural Film Fest Twain Harte

Look out Sundance, there’s a new film festival in town. This Friday, September 9 marks the opening night of the inaugural Film Fest Twain Harte. Twain Harte is a quaint little mountain town in the heart of California’s gold country. The town is no stranger to cinema. Over three hundred films have been filmed there including High Noon, Little House on the Prairie, The Big Country, The Lone Ranger and Back to the Future 3.

For its inaugural run Film Fest Twain Harte boasts an impressive lineup of films. I’m gonna run down my picks but be sure to check out their Film Guide for information on all the other great films they’re showing.
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