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Foodie Friday: Roast Beef and Gravy with Veggies and Yorkshire Puddings

635101206_5c253b6f32_bGetting together for a meal is a primal and necessary part of all cultures. There are traditional meals and dishes for each and every special occasion around the world. Maybe it’s BBQ on the 4th of July in the USA, or paella in Spain. Where ever you might be, there is a meal out there meant to bring everybody together.

In Ireland and England a special dinner might consist of, roast beef with vegetables, potatoes, and Yorkshire puddings. Those of you that have had the pleasure of indulging in this meal know how satisfying and complimentary the components are, when executed properly. Those of you that have not should consider giving it a shot. It’s magical. When eating this meal all conversation may cease. You will most likely notice your guests in a trance-like state, carefully ripping their crispy, yet gooey, Yorkshire puddings to dip in the gravy as they are happily chewing. This is normal and, in fact, means you did it right.

Speaking of puddings, it is highly advisable to double or triple the amount of puddings you make. Yorkshire puddings are not just for dipping in gravy after all, and can be enjoyed with jam or all on their own. You should also consider adding a green vegetable and or any other side dish you like. Leftovers can be turned into meals for the next couple days with ease.

Pulling off large meals is all about timing, and staging your components to come together. A roast beef dinner can be very tricky as you need a lot of time to cook, rest, and prepare all the different elements. Don’t let all of the steps intimidate you. Just roll up your sleeves and be sure handle each item with care.

You got this!
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