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Charity Spotlight: Voices Against Violence

Did you know we make a contribution to a praise-worthy cause each month? If you’d like to suggest one, we would love to hear about it.

Our most recent donation goes to Voices Against Violence, an amazing organization that supports survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence and harassment, stalking, human trafficking and bullying.

Voices Against Violence’s mission is “to break the cycle of violence by providing comprehensive services for all victims and survivors and by creating social change through education and action.”

It started as a grassroots organization in 1981 when a group of women joined forces. It was originally called Plymouth Task Force Against Domestic Violence and in the beginning, volunteers used their personal homes to shelter domestic abuse survivors.

Twenty years later in 2001, the group became Voices Against Violence with an executive director, full-time staff, Board of Directors and a trained group of volunteers. This amazing organization has “taken thousands of crisis line calls and have offered information and support, court advocacy, support groups for women and children and community education to 18 towns.” 

Voices Against Violence provides an array of services, including:

• Information and support
• 24-hour hotline at (877) 221- 6176
• Sexual assault support
• Police accompaniment
• Emergency shelter

Here’s a comprehensive list.

How to Help Voices Against Violence

Learn. Read books, watch documentaries and become knowledgeable about domestic violence. According to the Voices Against Violence website, “You might find that once you learn about it, that you suddenly see it all around you.”  If you see it, contact the appropriate authority figures or reach out to an organization like Voices Against Violence.

Listen. If someone close to you is experiencing abuse, the best thing to do is listen and prevent them from becoming isolated. An abuser will do their best to keep the victim isolated; it is how they remain in control.

Speak Up. If someone you know is abusing or controlling a family member, and you feel it is safe for the victim and yourself, speak up. Letting an abuser know that their behavior is unacceptable definitely has an impact.

Here are more ways to help end domestic violence.

Domestic and sexual violence is unfortunately, prevalent and survivors desperately need services from Voices Against Violence. Please consider donating a monetary gift or items from their wish list.

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From Shelter to Soldier: Saving Lives, Two at a Time

Every month we get a plethora of online submissions through our suggestion page of good causes to send Brown Paper Tickets’ monthly donation to. Looking over the hundreds of entries each month renews my faith in humanity at a time when the world seems so low. Organizations fighting for human rights, food equality, the environment, animal justice, mental and physical health awareness and treatment, plus grassroots organizations out of homes, and large established fund raising organizations. They all have one truth in common, they were born out of the desire to help.

For us here at Brown Paper Tickets, it is not just the opportunity to donate to some of these fine organizations, but to amplify their voice and share their mission with you. We hope that our readership, event organizers, and attendees see something worthwhile in these causes and connect with them too. We research many organizations each month and lean towards smaller non-profits that have low overhead and administrative costs so that our donation can hopefully have a direct impact.

Shelter to Soldier in California is making an impact by adopting unwanted shelter dogs, often of high kill breeds, and putting them through an intensive training course to serve as a “psychiatric service dogs for post-9/11 combat veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and/or other injuries associated with traumatic service experiences.”

According to their site, in the United States, on average we lose 21 vets and active Military to suicide a day. We also lose 3,200 dogs a day to euthanization in our shelters. Pairing these two groups together can have a dramatic impact on both parties lives.

Miesha is photographed by Allison Shamrell Per Photography FB: @allisonshamrellphotography

Feel free to have some fun and check out their newest canine class here:

If you have a box of tissues handy, view some Shelter to Soldier success stories here:

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